October 31, 2007


I would like to start this letter out by thanking some people that have helped me get Catonsville Gourmet to this point. Many thanks to Tom Raineville & Pierce MacGill from the MD.Dept. of Economic Development who got me on the right path, and Steve Smith and everyone from BB&T who got the deal done. Most of all I would like to thank Craig Witzke for all of his patience and efforts to make this venture come true ! Craig could have filled the "Hardware Store" along time ago with a tenant, but chose to follow his vision and give Catonsville & "Strawberry Fields" a business that will truly fit. Catonsville is lucky to have him and his continuing efforts to improve Catonsville.
Catonsville Gourmet - Market & Fine Foods will be a very diverse operation. Offering the very best meats, seafood and prepared items in a variety of forms. Customers will be able to shop in the market area, grab a quick sandwich or salad and enjoy it at the eating counter, or relax and dine gourmet in our beautifully renovated seating area and tasting / raw bar. Customers will also be able to call ahead and conveniently pick-up any of our fine fresh and frozen product from the market, or pick-up a carry-out order from our menu ! Whichever way you choose to get you product, they will be the freshest and highest quality available, with an emphasis on local and seasonal products. Catonsville Gourmet will also be able adjust its offerings to the demands of the customers, which will include the prepared foods as well.
I am hoping that this revitalization project will lure many other Catonsville business men & women to see the benefits of upgrading our Frederick Rd corridor ! This venture should be something very unique and a landmark in Catonsville! And while the building may be known as the "hardware" for now, it will quickly become Catonsville Gourmet - Market & Fine Foods after your first bite !!!!! More to come !

Many Thanks,
Sean T. Dunworth
Catonsville Gourmet - Market & F ine Foods
Est. 2007

October 18, 2007

The Little Sugar Shack

Just in Time For Everyone to Pick up Those Halloween Treats -
For Our Little Ghosts and Gobblins.

The Little Sugar Shack is Now Open! 821 Frederick Road.

Be sure to Stop in and see Dawn.

Get some of your favorite Sweets and maybe an ice cream cone.

Store Hours - Seven Days a week 12-5pm

October 15, 2007

The Catonsville Gourmet

Construction has begun! The Old Muir Hardware Store is about to become .....

The Catonsville Gourmet - Market & Fine Foods.

And the construction crews are busy making up for lost time, working to make "What is Old - New Again".

The Owners Intend to Keep the History of Muir Hardware alive. While Making Improvements to Create a Wonderful Place, We will all want to Frequent.

Specializing in Fresh Seafood and Meats.
The Catonsville Gourmet will be an exciting new addition to our Main Street.

Located at Strawberry Fields, with Ample Parking,
The Catonsville Gourmet - Market & Fine Foods,
will not stay a local secret for long.

October 1, 2007

Change of Plans For Wicked Java Internet Cafe'

Ending of a Dream; Closing of a chapter for local entrepreneur

CATONSVILLE , Maryland — Friday, September 28, 2007 —Wicked Java, LLC today announced that the Wicked Java Internet Café, intended to open at 801 Frederick Road , Catonsville , Maryland , will no longer be opening.

The Wicked Java Internet Café was the vision and dream of Michael Dougherty, to give the school age members of Catonsville a place to call their own.

“Having grown up in this community, I realized quickly there is very little to do unless you’re twenty-one or have a fake ID,” said Michael Dougherty, of Wicked Java, LLC. “I have always heard complaints on how upset people were with the teenagers “running the streets” because they had no where to call their own and I wanted to give the untapped thirty-three percent [33%] of Catonsville’s population somewhere they can socialize with friends, the ability to access online gaming, and generally provide a large enough space for them to call their own with hours that fit their schedule. I also wanted to work towards bringing up a portion of the over twenty-four thousand [24,000] college students less than two miles away to Catonsville without providing another place to purchase alcohol, but rather enjoy Catonsville for what it is and that’s a family centered community.”

After an electrical fire destroyed the value of the home intended to be used as collateral for the business loan, Michael, along with his father-in-law Samuel Dougherty, invested close to $60,000 of their own money to cover the cost of rent, architectural designs, permits and other initial expenses. Several “interested” investors came and went causing delays for the project. Also due to the café being a start up company, several banks approved the business plan and attested to its potential for financial success, but were unable to offer a loan without collateral. The company was in its final stages, needing only to finance the construction and equipment costs, when a decision was made to end the project due to financial shortcomings.

“This was a heartbreaking and difficult decision to make,” said Michael Dougherty, of Wicked Java, LLC. “To close the door on this chapter meant that five years of research, planning and hopes in making this happen has come to an end. I want to thank everyone who emailed weekly for updates or stopped me on the street to let me know this is something the community wanted. I only wish that I could have been able to see this dream come to fruition.”

Michael will be working with the landlords, Paulo and Mariah Narboni, to find a suitable business to take over the location.


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Wicked Java, LLC

[443] 602-4696


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