May 24, 2007

Go Skateboard Day/Beach Party / Movie Night

On Thursday June 21st from 4pm -11pm.
A.W.O.L. -Surf-Skate-Snow Shop and
A&A Enterprises, LLC .
Will be hosting a Premiere of The New
Element Audio Visual Project
- The Skate Film- This Is My Element.
Featuring Bam Margera, Buckey Lasek. Mike Vallely, Chad Muska, Tony Tave, Tosh Townend, Nyjah Huston, Brent Atchley, Chad Tim Tim and the Rest of the Element Team.
Join us for a fun filled evening on the Beach at Strawberry Fields in Catonsville!
Gates open at 4pm There will be live entertainment in the Courtyard preceding the Film.
Drop off DVD's of you and your friends doing your best stunts at A.W.O.L. Skate shop before June 15th and you may find yourself on the huge 24'x 20' screen!
Concessions will be available.
Check back here, or stop by A.W.O.L. for more details.

May 10, 2007

Catonsville Times May 8, 2007

County executive's visit features personal touch
05/10/07By Scott Weybright
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County Executive Jim Smith, second from left, is accompanied by a group that includes county officials and business leaders as he takes a walking tour of downtown Catonsville May 1.Baltimore County Executive Jim Smith said a desire to see developer Craig Witzke's plans for 821-829 Frederick Road up close prompted his May 2 tour of downtown Catonsville.
"It's the perfect example of a mixed-use neighborhood where people can live, can work, can shop, can go to restaurants," said Smith of Witzke's plans for the property, which also includes two buildings on Newburg Avenue.
"It's just a strong statement of the vitality of Catonsville," said Smith, who checked out an apartment Witzke refurbished on the second floor at 821 Frederick Road, in addition to looking at the commercial space at the site.
Witzke told Smith other developers had suggested he tear down the existing structure at 821 Frederick Road and the former Muir Hardware building next door and build a drugstore on the property.
"I know that that financially, short term, would be the best thing," Witzke said. "But I grew up in Catonsville.
"I said I'll do that in another county," he added with a laugh.
The two men discussed the potential for a restaurant on the property, and Smith, who said he wants to see one there, acknowledged that liquor license restrictions make finding such a tenant difficult.
State law prohibits selling alcohol within 300 feet of a church in Baltimore County; Salem Evangelical Lutheran Church is located at 905 Frederick Road.
Smith said the county is looking to work with the state and the county liquor boards to create exceptions to the law for the county's renaissance neighborhoods, such as Catonsville, Arbutus and Baltimore National Pike.
Smith also stopped and talked to the owners of the Appalachian Bluegrass Shoppe, Dixon Signs and the Ships Cafe on Frederick Road.
Dixon Signs owner James Dixon told Smith how pleased he was with the county's Department of Economic Development.
Dixon, who started the business in 1994, said the department helped his business complete renovations and additions to the property at 701 Frederick Road.
Smith also checked out the renovations at Ship's Cafe at 828 Frederick Road.
Emory Knode, the owner of Appalachian Bluegrass at 643 Frederick Road, said the visit was lighthearted and fairly short.
Knode, whose father opened the store in 1960, took a guitar out of a store display case for Smith to pretend to play during the visit.
Knode said the number of people in the touring group made serious discussion difficult.
New Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce executive director Jim Lister and Del. Jim Malone were among more than 20 people in the group.
Smith said the variety of businesses along the Catonsville thoroughfare is a strength of the community.
"Each business can feed off the other, which brings a larger segment of the population into the neighborhood downtown," he said.
Smith started the tour at Chef Paulino Cafe at 726 Frederick Road and ended it with lunch at the Italian restaurant about an hour later.
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