June 27, 2009

Frederick Road Fridays - July 3rd, 2009 - Appaloosa

If you were anywhere in the Baltimore Area during the 1970's or 80's and you attended a school dance, a pool party, a wedding or prom. You probably remember and love Appaloosa. They were the Hotest Band then and they are still Rockin now!

This week Appaloosa will be performing at Frederick Rd and Egges Lane. Show Starts at 6:30pm and is FREE! This is a Family Friendly Event so bring the kids and as always The Beer Garden at Jennings Cafe will be open.

Band Biography

Gordon Holder · Tony Cesenaro · Sharon Donovan · Chuck Ansell · Mike Flaherty · Marc Pena Appaloosa was born in early 1971 with original members Chuck Ansell - keyboards, Mike Flaherty - drums, Frank Frazier - bass and Jimmy Neeson on guitar. In 1977, Rob Finecey replaced Jim Neeson. His tenure lasted from 1977 - 1982 while giving the band excellent vocals, lead guitar, and songwriting. Larry Neeson joined the group in 1978 as the main lead guitarist, making the band five members. He stayed until '82 when the band went part time. The original vision of a full vocal band with steady playing of songs during their performance all the while pleasing the crowd with their party atmosphere is still with Appaloosa today. After a great 24 years with the group, Joe Cowman, lead vocalist and second guitar/keys had a career opportunity and re-located out of the area with his family. The current line-up now has Gordon Holder on guitar, Tony Cesenaro on bass and the dynamic vocals of Sharon Donovan. Accenting the sound, Appaloosa is proud to have Marc Pena, AKA Midnight Marc, as part of the team since 1999 doing sound and providing outstanding DJ music. Stability and professionalism strike deep into the core of the band’s existence even to this day.It's a good chance Appaloosa played your prom, school dance, CYO/Teen Center, social function, favorite night club and maybe even some of the readers' weddings over the years. Appaloosa takes pride in providing a first rate performance and being a strong dance band. This group still kicks!Gordon HolderGordon has been performing music "professionally" since 1980. He has performed lead & rhythm guitar playing for a variety of Baltimore-Metropolitan rock & roll style bands. His musical studies and influences have encompassed guitar styles ranging from jazz, country, rhythm & blues, and rock & roll. In 1988, he proudly joined the Baltimore based band Appaloosa and has been supporting the musical group with his lead & rhythm guitar talents since!Tony CesenaroTony Cesenaro joined Appaloosa in 1993 as their bassist. Tony started playing at the age of 12, influenced by the sounds of Motown quality groups like Tower of Power, Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, and the rich "Doo Whop" vocals of the 50's sounds. Tony has provided Appaloosa the fortune of a continued list of strong musicians with a stable attitude and a solid approach towards entertainment and a professional attitude to his music.Sharon DonovanSharon Donovan joined Appaloosa the summer of 2007. Sharon started her singing career with “Country Strangers” in her late teens. Later karaoke hit the scene and she hosted sometimes seven shows a week. She then met Clay Hunt and joined his group “Pure De-Lite” in the 90’s for several years. She left and went to “The New Romano’s”. Sharon decided to take a small sabbatical from singing. But the itch was too strong not to scratch. She then joined “Messenger”. Sharon is quoted at saying “Messenger was the time of my life”. When “Messenger” dispersed she joined “Imposter” until they too dispersed. Sharon spent a few months fronting for “Rumor Has It” which she stepped down to finish school. But once again the itch was too strong. She is now the first female to front “Appaloosa”. She brings a new type of versatility and energy to the group. Finally she’s found a home.Chuck AnsellChuck Ansell has been performing in bands since he was 16. He started out as a lead vocalist while being caught up in the "British Invasion" and the Motown Sound in the 60's. Then at 19 he picked up keyboards. After playing in several bands and developing a vision for what he considered to be a successful formula for a group, he formed Appaloosa in 1971. Success came quickly and over the years, Appaloosa has experienced good fortune and stabilty while added by wonderful chemistry amongst the members.Mike FlahertyMike Flaherty is the drummer/vocalist. Along with Chuck, he is an original member. Mostly self taught, he has been playing since the age of 12. He played in the marching and concert bands in high school. Mike performed with several local bands including a 14 piece soul band called the “Expressions featuring the Delvons” before finally settling in with “Appaloosa” in 1971. He also plays and sings with the St. Ursula Contemporary Worship Group on Sunday mornings and at other church functions.Mike is a proud dad of his daughter Melissa and his son Matt. He works for Nelson White Systems, a large Baltimore based audio/video contractor selling, designing, installing and servicing sound and video systems for schools, churches and corporate boardrooms.Some of the highlights in his musical career have been performing in Caracas, Venezuela and as the warm-up act for Slade, Hall and Oates and the Edgar Winter Group and performing at the Inner Harbor Summer Concerts. Another memorable experience was recording at Todd Rungren’s studio in Manhattan, New York with famed keyboardist Felix Cavaliere of the “Rascals”.Mike says “the great thing about playing in Appaloosa is being able to perform such a wide variety of music while entertaining audiences. Music is such a big part of my life that I can’t imagine not performing in some capacity”.Marc PenaMarc has been the soundman for Appaloosa since 1999. For more information on the band visit http://www.appaloosaband.net/

June 24, 2009

Catonsville 2020

Group looks at future of business district
Councilman names 11 residents to Catonsville 2020

By Adam Bednarabednar@patuxent.com
Posted 6/24/09

A group formed by Councilman Samuel Moxley has been meeting to plan for the future of Catonsville's business district along Frederick Road, primarily between Bloomsbury Road and Paradise Avenue.
The group, called Catonsville 2020, has 11 members, all of whom are Catonsville residents who own businesses and property in the community.
Catonsville attorney Brian McFarland is the chairman of the group.
Other group members are: John Alli, James Baeck, Carri Beers, Judy Boitz, Ellen Hemmerly, John Murphy, Tom Quirk, Kirby Spencer, Tom Whalen and Craig Witzke.
The two informal meetings on how to begin the community conversation about improving the district have touched on traffic, parking, green space and economic development.
"We want a healthy, thriving Catonsville," McFarland said.
Making sure the business district remains vibrant should be a concern for residents too, McFarland said.
"The business district must remain strong for our residential districts to stay strong," he said.
McFarland said the main concern for business owners is to have the Frederick Road corridor become an area that people come to instead of passing through.
"You hear people say they can't find parking spaces so they didn't stop, that they hate driving through Catonsville because traffic is so backed up," he said.
McFarland said ideally he would like to see the business district become similar to Old Ellicott City, where people walk up and down the streets, visiting the local restaurants and businesses.
The state concern's about the increasing traffic on Frederick Road and the improvements along Bloomsbury Avenue were among the reasons Moxley said he formed the group.
Moxley said he did not give the group a mission statement or specific outcome.
"I gave the committee an open easel, if you will, to draw what they want to," he said.
He said he envisioned the group as picking up where the Catonsville 2000 committee left off.
That group installed new brickwork, lighting and other improvements as part of the streetscape project in 2000.
Bryan Sheppard, an aide to Moxley, said that the group is meeting now to determine specific issues to focus on before seeking wider public comment.
"It's not like they're mapping out a master plan," Sheppard said.
There has been no time line attached to when a plan for the district would be complete.
McFarland said it's early in the process and the committee hasn't yet developed a method for gathering community comment on the project.
"To a certain extent, we're still feeling our way along," he said.
McFarland said he expects the process to pick up speed after the summer.
Eventually, the group would like to produce a plan that would be added as an amendment to the area's current master plan, McFarland said.

June 20, 2009

Frederick Rd. Fridays 2009 Schedule

June 19 - Automatic Slim
June 26 - 5 Oaks
July 3 - Appaloosa
July 10 - Reality Jones
July 17 - Groove Mammals
July 24 - Bill Dickson & MTT
July 31 - The Gigs
August 7 - High Strung
August 14 - Marquis Soul
August 21 - Still Crazy
August 28 - open
September 4 - Blue Streak
Sept 11 - TBA
All shows start at 6:30pm
Egges Lane at Frederick Rd.

Frank Kolarek

Please take a minute,read below - and VOTE!

Anyone who knows Frank, and the Kolarek family, knows how much he deserves to win this award .

Frank Kolarek has been chosen as a finalist for the People Magazine's All-Stars. Frank's son Adam (who graduated from Catonsville High and now plays baseball at College Park) wrote a wonderful letter talking about his dad's passion for baseball and how and why he started Leaugue of Dreams. It's thanks to Frank that ALL children have the opportunity to play baseball and develop a love for the game. Please take a moment and go to the link below, click on Orioles and vote for Frank as many times as you can. This is a great way for us to recognize Frank's efforts and raise awareness of The League of Dreams organization.
Frank started League of Dreams for children with mental and physical disabilities. His foundation enables kids to play baseball and softball in a safe and loving environment, and gives then an opportunity to feel like big leaguers.
Voting began on Monday, Ju! ne 8 and ends Wednesday, June 24. Go to www.peopleallstars.com and VOTE for FRANK KOLAREK. Remember you can vote more than once.

June 18, 2009

Automatic Slim at Frederick Rd. Fridays

The black clouds came rolling in quickly that warm Friday night last summer, just as David Carreon and the other members of the band Automatic Slim were beginning to set up their speakers on Egges Lane.
The band's gig -- part of the first Frederick Road Fridays outdoor summer concert series in downtown Catonsville -- was "stormed out" shortly thereafter, the Catonsville resident said.
It was a bummer.
But the guys of Automatic Slim -- all in their 40s and 50s, many of them local residents who have played together for upward of 20 years -- are back in town this Friday, June 19, to kick off the concert series' second season.
"We're really glad Catonsville is doing something musically," Carreon said. "Hopefully, the weather will hold out this year."
According to Craig Witzke, a local developer whose idea it was to start the event last summer, this summer's series will feature concerts every Friday through September.
"We've essentially doubled the offerings," he said, noting that last summer's series was every other week.
The growth stems from the series being "extremely successfully" last year in "getting feet on the street," Witzke said.
With expanded support from the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce and businesses up and down Frederick Road, he hopes this summer will be even more successful, he said.
"We want people to come over and visit Frederick Road," he said.
"The hope is that people will come here, enjoy dinner at one of the restaurants on Frederick Road and then walk over, listen to some music, have a nice time, maybe visit Jenning's beer garden, walk around and visit some shops and stay for a while."
The "beer garden," offered by Jenning's Cafe, is an added touch of adult entertainment to an already fun night, he said.
But it's just one part of an event that is really geared toward families bringing their children out for an evening on the town, he said.
That vibe is perfect for Automatic Slim, Carreon said.
Many of the band's longtime fans are middle-aged with children, he said, so late-night bar gigs aren't always the best for bringing out their fan base.
"A lot of our crowd aren't able to make it to those events because they have Little League or homework or recitals," he said.
"So it's nice to have these gigs that are early and are outside, and the families can be away from where they're serving alcohol if they want to," he said.
"It's more like a concert; it's not a night club gig late. It's early and outside, so we hope that we get a lot of people to come out."
The concert starts at 6:30 p.m. and ends at 8:30 p.m.
Automatic Slim is a four-man band -- Carreon on guitar and vocals; Jim Harrell, of Catonsville, on a second guitar; Jack DiPietro, of Catonsville, on bass; and Clark Matthews, who Carreon called an "honorary Catonsvillian," on drums.
Matthews is sitting in for Scott Stump, the band's regular drummer, who can't make the show.
The band mostly plays blues, but also does "American roots" rock and some country.
They also play blues instrumentals and some of their own songs.
All their music is "heavy on the guitar work," Carreon said.
"We're all family guys, so we don't have that much time to do stuff, so music is our outlet," he said.
"We just look forward to playing music when we can."
Witzke said having Catonsville residents perform adds another layer of hometown charm to the concert series, and said this year's line-up is "outstanding."
That's partially because the concert series has attracted "more bands than we (have) dates," creating a backlog of hopeful Frederick Road Fridays performers, Witzke said.
This summer's series is even being extended to Sept. 11 upon a request by the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which wanted its students returning for the fall semester to have a chance to attend, Witzke said.
"UMBC really wanted to be a part of it as well," he said.
A complete series schedule can be found on the chamber's Web site, www.catonsville.org.
Reprinted from the Catonsville Times

June 8, 2009

New Flower Pots on Frederick Rd.

Have you noticed the new flower pots that are lining the the 800 block of Frederick Rd.? They were placed there today by Carol Langrall of a Garden of Earthly Delights. This project was funded by The Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce - via a "Go Green" Grant provided by Baltimore County. Look for more beautification projects on Frederick Rd. coming soon.

June 5, 2009

Believe in Tomorrow- Volunteer of the Month

From The Believe in Tomorrow Website

Each month, the Believe In Tomorrow staff celebrates someone who is more than a volunteer. He or she is a member of the Believe In Tomorrow family.
This person could be someone who does something extra special annually on that month, or simply a dedicated worker who deserves accolades for everything he or she has done.
Below are the stories of Believe In Tomorrow Volunteers of the Month. We only honor these people for one month, but we know they will stay in the hearts of families and children always.
Volunteer of the Month: Tammy Reymann, the Party Planner
When Tammy Reymann comes home to her kids after volunteering at a Believe In Tomorrow special event or putting in a couple hours at the main office, her kids joke with her: “You don’t work, you volunteer.”
After 16 years with the organization, Tammy knows volunteering for Believe In Tomorrow is hard but very rewarding work. The mother of three and former recreation therapist is an essential cog to the clockwork of Believe In Tomorrow events, mostly because she will conquer anything thrown at her. In the meantime she’s made some life-long friends at the organization, and rallied her own family and friends to support a cause she has a personal investment in.
“I was looking forward to the day I could volunteer,” says Tammy.
When her second child made it to preschool, Tammy took the opportunity to get involved in Believe In Tomorrow. She followed the organization from its beginnings, knowing CEO/Founder Brian Morrison from her college years through mutual friends and family members.
“I always had volunteered,” says Tammy. “I had a keen interest in working in special population groups. My son was born deaf. We traveled extensively for his therapy. It was going to be too difficult for me to work part-time so I decided to volunteer.”
The decision grew into a volunteering job that had Tammy pitching in wherever the need arose, specifically for special events. Tammy has prepped and worked events like Believe In Tomorrow’s Annual Benefit and Auction, Port to Fort race, and many of the large Lacrosse festivals hosted by Believe In Tomorrow. Currently, Tammy comes into the office once a week for a few hours to research places to look for Benefit and Auction donations.
“Some of the most memorable and funny events were the Lacrosse fundraisers,” says Tammy. “They were tremendous because they got the entire community and surrounding areas involved.”
Over the years Tammy would come home and talk about her work, the events, and the need for volunteers at the events. She convinced her entire family to get involved, and, for the past two years, her husband, David Reymann, has sat on the Believe In Tomorrow Board of Directors. Tammy also recruited several friends to help out at events.
What has inspired this devotion? Says Tammy: “I think the people at Believe In Tomorrow are great, very caring and very knowledgeable. It’s that right mix and blend of people to serve the families and the children. And I really believe in what the organization stands for.”

June 3, 2009

Ice Cream Coming to Strawberry Fields

You Scream Ice Cream will open at 821 Frederick Rd. later this month. Be sure to ask for their special flavor - STRAWBERRY FIELDS.

A new ice cream shop is set to open in downtown Catonsville within the next two weeks, filling the small space at 821 Frederick Road recently vacated by the Little Sugar Shack candy store.
According to owners Phillip and Rhonda Chase, You Scream Ice Cream will serve hand-dipped Hershey's Ice Cream and low-fat Dole soft-serve ice cream, as well as smaller candies and coffee drinks.
There are a "couple of X-factors" still to be answered before opening, Phillip Chase said, including having contractors finish woodwork in the shop and having the health department give the official approval.
But Rhonda Chase said she and her husband can "see the light at the end of the tunnel," and hope to open as soon as possible.
"We're ready to jump right in and go with the flow," she said.
The couple envision an old-school ice cream parlor where community members and visitors to Catonsville's main street can pop in for a cool treat of their choice, Phillip Chase said.
"We want an old-time ambiance," he said. "We want that 1940s feel."
To that end, he has been searching through old records in the Catonsville Room at the Catonsville Library to find old photographs of the downtown area to help decorate the shop.
The Chases also hope to hire muralist Nathaniel Gibbs to paint a mural in the shop that helps provide a similarly vintage vibe.
The couple, who live in West Edmondale, recruited their daughters Shannon, 25, and Kelley, 22, to help with some of the more aesthetic aspects like paint colors and designs.
"It's definitely a family endeavor," Rhonda Chase said.
Prior to seeing the "For Lease" sign at the new location, the couple had been looking all across the region for a good place to settle, she said.
For the last four years, they have run a weekend ice cream stand at the Patapsco Flea Market in Baltimore, and were ready to expand.
"We just kind of outgrew that," she said. "We wanted independence, we wanted to be closer to home, and we wanted to be in the community. We're really community oriented."
So far, the community has been welcoming to them as well, she said.
"We've met so many people who have been welcoming and helpful," she said. "I think if we opened now they'd come in and roll their sleeves up to help."
The official "You Scream Ice Cream colors" are pink, blue, and yellow, she said, so Hershey's "Crazy Vanilla" ice cream flavor, which is a mix of all three colors, will definitely be served.
The Dole soft-serve they will offer is "unique," and is the same type served in Disney theme parks, Phillip Chase said.
It is low-fat and lactose free, and comes in flavors such as pineapple and strawberry, not just the standard chocolate and vanilla, he said.
They'll also serve coffee -- "We're very proud of the coffee we serve, but I can't tell you (the type), or I'd have to kill you," Rhonda Chase said with a laugh -- and chocolate and caramel candies.
The shop is long and narrow, so there won't be much seating.
But there will be a window on the street so people who can't fit inside, or who come after the doors are locked but before the staff is finished cleaning up for the night, can still place an order.
The shop is small, Rhonda Chase said, "but I think it will be just what we need to step out."
The Chases said they've been encouraged so far with the interest they've seen in the shop.
People have been peaking in the doors to see what's going on inside, including a lot of kids, they said.
They even get the occasional canine visitor who strolls right up to the door of the shop, which used to be the Catonsville Groomery before it was the Little Sugar Shack and before the pet groomers moved next door.
Starting a new business is a little scary, especially with the economy the way it is.
"Of course a lot of people ask us, 'Is this the best time to do this?'" Rhonda Chase said.
But for her and her husband, "there is no best time," he said.
"You just go for it."

The above story was reprinted from the June 4th issue of the Catonsville Times - staff writer.

Art Show at the Strawberry Festival

new paintings and prints and your old favorites
Strawberry Festival
Catonsville Presbyterian Church
1400 Frederick Road
Saturday, June 6
10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Stop by
Would love to see you!
Charlene Clark Studio
Mill Centre #346
3000 Chestnut Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211

Bill's - Jam Off

June 2, 2009

Bird Watching

Saturday, June 6, Bird Watching Hike Along the Grist Mill Trail, rain or shine!
You are welcome to join members of the Friends of Patapsco Valley & Heritage Greenway for a hike along the Grist Mill Trail in Patapsco State Park. Founding Members of the Maryland Chapter of the Audubon Society, Dave and Elaine Pardoe, will lead this bird watching hike along the Grist Mill Trail, in the Avalon/Orange Grove Areas that runs parallel to the Patapsco River. Elaine & Dave Pardoe have been birders for over 30 years and have been privileged to go birding with some of the top ornithologists in the country who have greatly helped their ability to identify and enjoy birds. They are both natives of Baltimore, and Dave grew up near the Avalon area of the Patapsco River Valley State Park. Family trips and Boy Scout outings and camping adventures there played a major part in his love for the natural world and a subsequent career in conservation. He is retired from the National Wildlife Federation after which he served on the Board of the National Audubon Society for nine years; and he is on the Board of the local Audubon Society of Central Maryland. While Dave has been more involved in the institutional aspects of wildlife conservation, Elaine provides the ears to distinguish the challenging vocalizations of birds that some refer to as "songs." Although the primary purpose is to look for birds, you can't help notice the diverse plants, abundance of wildlife, interpretive history signs, trees we have planted in the last few years along the Grist Mill Trail, and of course, the beautiful Patapsco River. We hope you will join us to enjoy the great outdoors, walking along the Grist Mill Trail and learn first hand why our members are dedicated to preserve, protect and enhance the history, heritage and environment of the Patapsco River Valley!
TIME: 8:45 am-9 am registration. Walk begins promptly at 9 am. Ends approximately 11 am.
MEETING LOCATION: Meet near Lost Lake in the Avalon Area of Patapsco State Park. For a great map of the park, go to http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/central/avalon.html. Look for registration sign and group!
COST: Free to members; All others $5/person. Free trail map included. Note: There is a $2/fee per vehicle to enter the park.
DIRECTIONS TO PATAPSCO STATE PARK: The Avalon Area of the Patapsco Valley State Park entrance is off of U.S. Route 1, just south of its intersection with Route 195 (and approximately 2 miles north of Route 100). Turn onto South Street and make an immediate left into the park entrance and follow signs to the Glen Artney area. For those of you using GOOGLE MAPS OR MAPQUEST, the approximate GPS coordinates to the entrance of the park are 39.219504,-76.704869. To find Lost Lake, a great map of the inside of the park is located at http://www.dnr.state.md.us/publiclands/central/avalon.html.
TO REGISTER: email patapscofriend@gmail.com or call 410-480-0824 by Friday, June 5, 7 pm.

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