December 22, 2008

Catonsville Blankets

Looking for a Last Minute Gift???
Available in six different colors, they are as comfortable as a sweatshirt and with just a "CATONSVILLE" logo....make a perfect gift for anyone who loves the Catonsville community.
Navy w/ gold lettering, Athletic Gold w/navy lettering and Gray w/ navy lettering sell for $30
Tye Dye Pink w/ navy lettering, Tye Dye Blue w/ gold lettering, and Red Hibiscus Flowers w/ navy lettering sell for $35.
and all are available for the holidays!
Order forms can be obtained from the CMS school website ( or email

December 3, 2008

No. 8 Streetcar Path

My wife and I just walked the "New & Improved" No. 8 Streetcar path. It
was great! The path is 8 feet wide. It has been freshly paved and I understand
that over 8 tons of trash and debris were removed. Many thanks are owed to
Maureen Sweeney Smith of the Olde Catonsville Neighborhood Association and the
forty volunteers whose efforts are really noticed. I encourage everyone to enjoy
this trail. And while you are there, if you notice that someone else has left a
piece of trash, please pick it up. Let's Keep This Trail Clean!
The path
which runs from Frederick Rd. to Edmondson Ave. is truly one of the great places
to stroll in Catonsville.

On the Lighter Side!