April 18, 2007

A Way Of Life !

A "New" Way of Life for Catonsville Youths

My name is Ben Munoz, and I am 31 year old, avid Skater, Snowboarder, and Surfer. My family has lived in Catonsville for 12 years. My Mother was born and raised in Pig Town, and I was born in D.C. However my Father was a Chief in the Navy, and my family moved to California before I was 1 year of age. While I was in College, I worked as the General Manager and Product Buyer, for a Sporting Goods Retailer, consisting of 3 shops and an Internet service. I lived the majority of my life in sunny San Diego, but moved to Baltimore in the summer of 2000, after graduating from San Diego State University, with a B.S. in Anthropology.

Growing up in Southern California, I spent most of my time as a child on a Skateboard, and as I got a little older, Surfing was added to the agenda. When Snowboarding hit the scene, it was only a matter of time before I constantly found myself on the peaks of the San Bernardino, and Sierra Nevada Mountains. I have grown up riding a board. It has been a true constant in my life. Whether I'm on the mountain, in the water, or in the street, I can always find a line, and leave it all behind. That's just the way I live.

Since I moved to Baltimore in 2000, I have always thought that Catonsville would be a perfect place for a Board shop. With all the kids I see skating through the neighborhood, I was surprised to discover there was no local shop in the area. After asking around I heard that some places used to carry skateboards, but no longer. Every time I would drive down Frederick Rd. I was sure I would see a new store open selling boards. Sooner or later, the time would come, and a shop would open to take care of the kids. Well that time is just a few weeks away.

"A Way Of Life" is coming to Catonsville, and is scheduled to open in early May at the Strawberry Fields Complex. A.W.O.L. will be a core Skate, Snow, and Surf shop, emphasizing customer service first, while providing industry leading product, at an affordable price. "Quality Gear, No Shwag Here!" Stop fighting the crowds at the mall, or dealing with the uncertainty of online purchases. You will now have a local source for all your Board and apparel needs.

I want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Craig Witzke for allowing me to be a part of the Strawberry Fields Project. It is my hope that both my store, as well as the Complex will be a place for the people of Catonsville to come and experience a "Sense of Community," with the other people that call this place home.


Ben Munoz

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Anonymous said...

Welcome! Sounds like a fun place and not the same old same old...I hope you do well!

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