May 24, 2007

Go Skateboard Day/Beach Party / Movie Night

On Thursday June 21st from 4pm -11pm.
A.W.O.L. -Surf-Skate-Snow Shop and
A&A Enterprises, LLC .
Will be hosting a Premiere of The New
Element Audio Visual Project
- The Skate Film- This Is My Element.
Featuring Bam Margera, Buckey Lasek. Mike Vallely, Chad Muska, Tony Tave, Tosh Townend, Nyjah Huston, Brent Atchley, Chad Tim Tim and the Rest of the Element Team.
Join us for a fun filled evening on the Beach at Strawberry Fields in Catonsville!
Gates open at 4pm There will be live entertainment in the Courtyard preceding the Film.
Drop off DVD's of you and your friends doing your best stunts at A.W.O.L. Skate shop before June 15th and you may find yourself on the huge 24'x 20' screen!
Concessions will be available.
Check back here, or stop by A.W.O.L. for more details.


Anonymous said...

Skate day sounds really really cool for all the skaters and kids out there! i have told all myfriends about this and they have old everyone they have put yur blog on there myspaces and aim profiles ! so this will be a pretty good thing for catonsvile .

from ,
Ashley Witkze

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