April 10, 2008

Saturday Night Menu

The Catonsville Gourmet now has Saturday Night Sushi

California Roll
Crabmeat, Cucumber and Avacodo. With Tobikko

Volcano Roll
Bay Scallops, Dikon Radish Sprouts, Avacodo and Sriracha - Topped with Tempura Crisp and Tobikko

Titanic Tuna Roll
Fresh Tuna, Cucumber,Wasabi Aioli and Dikon Radish Sprouts

Spider Roll
Tempura Fried Soft Shell Crab Roll. With Cucumber, Avocado and coated with Tobikko

Veggie Roll
Shitake Mushrooms, Cucumber, Avocado and Dikon Radish Sprouts

And be sure to try the ever popular - Flash Fried Ahi Tuna Roll available on the regular menu


Jaded in Caty said...

I was quite disappointed tonight to find out I couldn't carry-out food from a "seafood market". Evidently they have so much business they can risk turn people away on want to carry-out menu items. :(

Anonymous said...

The Catonsville Gourmet is a Market and a Restaurant. On Friday and Saturday nights - The Catonsville Gourmet Restaurant currently does not offer their dinner menu as carry - out. These are the busiest times and the owners have chosen to focus on providing the best experience possible for those that are dining in.
During these times there are plenty of prepared items that still available in the market to take out for dinner.
If someone would like to order menu items for carry out, I would suggest that you call ahead to see if the restaurant is offering carry out that evening. Craig

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