May 14, 2008

Catonsville Hair Company

In recent Month's there has been a lot of attention focused on the businesses in the 800 Block of Frederick Rd. While my Original Intention when creating this Blog was to seek input from the Community and keep the Neighborhood informed about the re-development of Muir's Hardware and the surrounding properties, most of the work, except for a few smaller projects, has now been completed. But, there is still a lot to share about Whats Going On In Catonsville.

Catonsville is more than just one block. And there are many other Great Businesses & People worth visiting. I just visited The Catonsville Hair Company, in the 600 Block of Frederick Rd. where I ran into several friends and met a few new people. The place is a beehive of activity, clients constantly coming and going. Sharing stories with the stylists and each other. If you have not been there, it is certainly a first class place and one that I would recommend.

After he cut my Hair, Glen Boller and I went next door to the Indian DeLight for lunch. Several readers of this Blog have written about how much they like this Restaurant. I must admit that this is not a Restaurant that I frequent. However, at Glen's Suggestion we walked over for the buffet lunch. It was the perfect way to try a little sampling of a variety of different foods. I will eat there again, soon for sure!

Catonsville. What a Great Place to Live.

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree...glen is a great guy and the indian restaurant is awesome!!! I also love the new planters in front of glens and his neighbors, it adds a very classy feel to the neighborhood! It would be very cool if more of the merchants would do some door dressing and add a touch of greenery.

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