October 24, 2008


PDA Marketing has developed...a direct mail marketing BREAKTHROUGH!

Doodle-opes, a new innovation in direct mail.If the envelope never gets noticed, then your message will never get read. There are a gazillion postcards, catalogues, bound backs, priority first class, pop ups, post its, tear sheets, oversized and lumpy mail concepts and all have their place in the mix but...the Doodle-ope just begs "open it!!" With this one simple envelope you will confound your competition and increase readership by 150%! Why 150%? because not only will everyone open this, but i guarantee that if you did the fingerprint test every postal employee and maybe even the FBI and the CIA would crawl all over this for the real truth behind the scribble. Only you are privy to the secret code. The only terrorist activity here is waged upon your competition. Scientifically proven: Yes! not any old scribble will produce winning results like this one does. Pushing the envelope, it is your chance to be on the cutting edge of a direct marketing breakthrough.

PDA marketing has designed many “Outrageous and Unusual” marketing pieces for Glazer-Kennedy and Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle members. The Photo envelope, X-Ray package, Brown Bag mailer, Kids Mailer, The Travel Postcard, The Gamble Mailer and an array of handwritten pieces capture the No BS, out-of-the-box design look. Cost-effective design services and production work, from conception to implementation. PDA has facilitated many comprehensive marketing campaigns for Bill Glazer and Dan Kennedy students.
Additionally, PDA has also designed many of the Glazer-Kennedy information products such as: 8 Big Ideas, Sales and Persuasion Strategies, Renegade Millionaire Time Management, Personality in Copy, Power Points, Creative Thinking, No BS On-Line Training to name just a few. PDA can create a valuable information product from an audio CD or DVD to as little as an idea.
Doodle-opes takes direct marketing to the next level.

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