January 29, 2009

Catonsville Baby Sitter Service

I was just in AWOL Skateshop and met a local woman that has a great website and a great business to go with it.
Sitters Connect.
Sitters Connect LLC founder, Barbara Miller, has been where you are today. As a college student, she spent many afternoons picking up kids from school, giving them snacks and helping them with homework. Many years later, as a mother of three boys, Barbara faced the challenge of finding good child care for her sons. Five years ago, when living in Athens, Ohio, Barbara and her friend, Meg, came up with the idea of matching the college students and parents through old-fashioned set-ups (thanks Meg)! The idea has matured a bit, and Sitters Connect LLC was started in 2008. Barbara uses her years of experience in sales, marketing and networking to help make others’ lives become easier and better. For Barbara, happy moms and happy kids equals happy sitters. Connecting all three for a perfect match…or with Sitters Connect LLC, the happy moms and the happy sitters may find several connections!
Barbara is committed to helping non-profits who help others as well. At registration for Connect Events, $5 of your registration fee will go to Success in Style, an organization which helps women in crisis by providing suits, hair and makeup consultation and interviewing counseling. By providing these services, Success in Style boosts self-confidence for many women and helps them succeed and get back into the workforce.
When registering for Summer Sitters, $5 from your registration fee will go to the newly developed Jeremy’s Rays of Sunshine, a non-profit helping families of critically ill children. Jeremy’s Rays of Sunshine was founded in memory of a baby whose short life impacted many.

Here is the link http://www.sittersconnect.com/ you can also access the site by clicking on the headline of post


Anonymous said...

Could you post the website address or phone number for this?? As a new mommy, I would be *very* interested in this service. Googling "Sitters Connect" got me some links to a similar service.....in New England. Thanks!!!

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