June 5, 2009

Believe in Tomorrow- Volunteer of the Month

From The Believe in Tomorrow Website

Each month, the Believe In Tomorrow staff celebrates someone who is more than a volunteer. He or she is a member of the Believe In Tomorrow family.
This person could be someone who does something extra special annually on that month, or simply a dedicated worker who deserves accolades for everything he or she has done.
Below are the stories of Believe In Tomorrow Volunteers of the Month. We only honor these people for one month, but we know they will stay in the hearts of families and children always.
Volunteer of the Month: Tammy Reymann, the Party Planner
When Tammy Reymann comes home to her kids after volunteering at a Believe In Tomorrow special event or putting in a couple hours at the main office, her kids joke with her: “You don’t work, you volunteer.”
After 16 years with the organization, Tammy knows volunteering for Believe In Tomorrow is hard but very rewarding work. The mother of three and former recreation therapist is an essential cog to the clockwork of Believe In Tomorrow events, mostly because she will conquer anything thrown at her. In the meantime she’s made some life-long friends at the organization, and rallied her own family and friends to support a cause she has a personal investment in.
“I was looking forward to the day I could volunteer,” says Tammy.
When her second child made it to preschool, Tammy took the opportunity to get involved in Believe In Tomorrow. She followed the organization from its beginnings, knowing CEO/Founder Brian Morrison from her college years through mutual friends and family members.
“I always had volunteered,” says Tammy. “I had a keen interest in working in special population groups. My son was born deaf. We traveled extensively for his therapy. It was going to be too difficult for me to work part-time so I decided to volunteer.”
The decision grew into a volunteering job that had Tammy pitching in wherever the need arose, specifically for special events. Tammy has prepped and worked events like Believe In Tomorrow’s Annual Benefit and Auction, Port to Fort race, and many of the large Lacrosse festivals hosted by Believe In Tomorrow. Currently, Tammy comes into the office once a week for a few hours to research places to look for Benefit and Auction donations.
“Some of the most memorable and funny events were the Lacrosse fundraisers,” says Tammy. “They were tremendous because they got the entire community and surrounding areas involved.”
Over the years Tammy would come home and talk about her work, the events, and the need for volunteers at the events. She convinced her entire family to get involved, and, for the past two years, her husband, David Reymann, has sat on the Believe In Tomorrow Board of Directors. Tammy also recruited several friends to help out at events.
What has inspired this devotion? Says Tammy: “I think the people at Believe In Tomorrow are great, very caring and very knowledgeable. It’s that right mix and blend of people to serve the families and the children. And I really believe in what the organization stands for.”

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