November 17, 2009

Wata Wing

Wata Wing is coming soon. I recently ate at the newest location in College Park,MD. and the wings were delicious. In addition to the carry-out scheduled to open on Frederick Rd. They will be opening one in Towson and 3 in Hagerstown. There is already a location in Martinsburg and one in Charlestown W.VA.

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Anonymous said...

Wata Wing is a fraudulent company. They are opening up shop at different locations and shutting down after about 6 months. They pay one months rent and leave the locations owing owners several thousand dollars in rent. They were in Charlestown, Martinsburg and left both locations, now they are setting up shop in Hagerstown mall. They are common criminals. Any owner who leases to them and does not get financials and a personal guarantee will be sorry.

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