December 16, 2009


Good news for those hungering for wings
Frachise planning to open in new year

From the Catonsville Times
Posted 12/16/09

This former bank on Frederick Road is undergoing renovations to become a Wata-Wing carryout franchise that is expected to open in January and offer 30 flavors of buffalo wings. (Photo by Kitty R Charlton) Those with a taste for super-hot buffalo wings will have the opportunity to test their taste buds' mettle next month, as a new Wata-Wing franchise is set to open on Frederick Road in January, according to its new owner.

Among the 30 flavors that can be carried out or delivered from the shop will be the franchise's "Melt Down" flavor, which merits a 7 out of 10 on the company's "Spicy" meter and a 10 out of 10 on its "Hot" meter. For the more faint of heart, the franchise will offer the regionally-inspired "Old Bay" flavor and more unique flavors such as "Lemon Pepper" and "Hawaiian Pineapple."
The shop, which will have limited seating, moves into the former site of the Chesapeake Bank of Maryland at 609 Frederick Road.

Bill Ingram, the owner of the new franchise location, said renovations inside the former bank, which closed last winter, have already begun. Ingram, who lives in Marriotsville in Howard County, said he chose Catonsville for his first foray into the food business because he has "been in and out of Catonsville" over the years and knows "it's a busy little town" with a convenient access to the Baltimore Beltway.

Prior to partnering with Wata-Wing's president, Doc Prevette, to start the new shop, Ingram said he was in the "dirt business" for years, working on excavations for homes and farms.
That got old, he said. "When the sun shines, everybody's screaming at you, and then when the rain comes, there's nothing you can do," he said. He's hoping that running the wing shop will offer fewer headaches -- not that it's been free of them so far.

In October, a complaint about renovations occurring at the vacant property without a permit was made to the county, said Jim Garland, a county building inspector. Garland's office then put a stop-work order on the renovations, instructing the owners to get a demolition permit, he said.
Craig Witzke, a part-owner of the building, said renovations hadn't begun yet -- that the bank's cubicles and file cabinets had just been removed -- and that the whole ordeal was the result of "malicious lies." Since then, another complaint brought a county code enforcement officer to the site to look at the location's parking. Gary Freund, a county code inspector, said his office determined that nothing was in violation because the building is still listed as being a bank, but that the county will look into the issue again once the carry-out shop opens to see if its parking is adequate. If it's not, Ingram may have to create more parking -- which isn't likely in the cramped stretch of Frederick Road -- or apply for a variance.
Ingram said he believes the bank's parking was sufficient for the wing shop, which will have very little seating. He also said renovations to the building will not affect the building's structure, and that he plans to apply for a change of use certificate with the county when the time comes to change it into the wing shop. He said he wants to keep the business "low key" and "geared toward families with kids."
Witzke said the only businesses interested in moving into the former bank location were food businesses, and although there isn't enough parking for a restaurant, there should be enough for a carry-out business like Wata-Wing. Overall, Witzke said, the wing shop should be a perfect fit in town. "I think that they are going to be a huge favorite with the college crowd," Witzke said.
The franchise has just opened a location in College Park, near the University of Maryland, and has locations in Maryland, West Virginia and northern Virginia, according to its Web site.
Another location is set to open in Towson, Witzke said.
Once the Frederick Road location is ready to open, Ingram said he will be looking to hire a few employees. He said residents should "keep their eyes out for coupons, because we're going to be doing some heavy advertising."

Those interested in seeing Wata-Wing's full menu and gauging each wing flavor on the company's "Spicy" and "Heat" meters can go to its Web site at


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still doesn't look like anything is happening

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Good post, nice blog. Thanks for share.

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seems like lots of new stuff going on,
the old coffee shop,
chamber of commerce,
atwaters fabulous bakery,
great breads,scones,muffins,
(no donuts) NOW OPEN!
any updates?

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Donny Prevette is a CROOK!! So are the Wata Wing Franchises... Dont believe me, look here...

Craig W. said...

Thanks for the update on Doc! Craig

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He is now scamming people currently in South Carolina!!! Oh yea and he is now going by the name Donny Snead!!! RUN from this man as fast as your can!!!!! He will rob you blind!!!

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