April 7, 2010

Table Talk: Grilled Cheese & Co. opens in Catonsville

By Richard Gorelick Special to The Baltimore Sun
April 7, 2010

When some kids grow up, they don't play school or play house — instead, they play fast-casual restaurant franchise concept.It's a fun game, and you can play it while you're driving in traffic or out on the golf course, which is where Matthew Lancelotta and Victor Corbi worked out the concept that developed into Grilled Cheese & Co. (500 Edmonson Ave., 410-747-2610, ilovegrilledcheese.com), which opened Monday in Catonsville. Their simple driving idea (no pun intended) is that grilled cheese makes people happy.Lancelotta and Corbi brought in Matthew's brother, James Lancelotta, a chef who has worked in Baltimore at Della Notte, at Mango's in Bethany Beach, Del., and, more recently at a dude ranch in Colorado. The opening menu features, naturally, a signature grilled cheese sandwich, but according to James Lancelotta, the other eight or so panini-press sandwiches will feature much more hot, melted cheese than other places put on them.The emphasis here, as at successful fast-casual places like Panera and Chipotle, is on freshness and quality. But I think it would be a mistake to come expecting a gourmet or "foodie" experience. The primary audience for Grilled Cheese and Co. is families.Last week, James Lancelotta was less interested in talking about the expansion plans for Grilled Cheese and Co. than in just getting the first one open. Sandwich prices range from $4.50 to $7.50, and the menu's sandwiches and soups are similarly priced. (Yes, there is a tomato soup.)Grilled Cheese and Co. is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

The Original
Mom's famous recipe made with American cheese & grilled to perfection.

Delicious layers of aged cheddar, crumbled smoked bacon & freshly diced tomatoes.

Kickin BBQ Chicken
Pepper jack cheese, grilled chicken, diced red onions & sweet BBQ sauce!
The Fresco
Fresh Mozzarella & Whole Milk Mozzarella, fire roasted peppers, basil pesto & balsamic glaze topped with a touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Crabby Melt
Melted monterey jack cheese on top of our homemade cheese blend of cheese, crab meat & spices.

Cordon Bleu
Swiss cheese, smoked ham & grilled chicken served with dijon mustard sauce on sourdough bread.

Veggie Delight
Havarti Cheese with a medley of roasted vegetables, sauteed wild mushrooms & an olive spread on whole grain bread brushed with olive oil.

Whole Milk Mozzarella with hand pinched Italian sausage, roasted red peppers & caramelized onions topped with marinara sauce.

Blue Ox
Crumbled blue cheese & Marinated Grilled Steak topped with a horseradish sauce & served on sourdough.

Sweetest Thing
Brie cheese, raspberry flavored marscapone & chocolate chips on challah bread.

Sandwich Specials

Salad dressings available House, Caesar, Blue Cheese, Balsamic Vinaigrette or Ranch

Grilled Cheese Signature Salad
Fresh and Crisp salad topped with crumbled Blue Cheese & Bacon , red onions, croutons and roasted vegetables with your choice of dressing.
Add grilled chickenAdd grilled steak
House Salad
Fresh and Crisp salad topped with shredded cheddar cheese, diced tomatoes, red onions & your choice of dressing.
Caesar Salad
Romain lettuce, parmesan cheese & croutons tossed with a creamy caesar dressing.
Add grilled chicken Add grilled steak
Cream of Tomato BasilWith Diced tomatoes, shredded parmesan cheese & croutons.
Cream of Broccoli
With Grilled Chicken & shredded cheese.
Soup of the Month

All Fries cooked in 100% peanut oil
Shoe-String Fries
Sweet Potato Fries
Utz Potato Chips
"Fresh Baked" Cookies
Try a sweetest Thing for Dessert

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