March 3, 2007


Many People have Expressed the need for Additional Restaurants as Part of This Project. I too, believe that More Restaurants are Needed to Reinvigorate the Area.

There is an Area, Behind the buildings at 821-827 Frederick Rd., That has Historically Been Used as A Storage Lot. We are Proposing to Make This an Outdoor Common Area - A Gateway from The Parking Lot to Frederick Rd. This Could be a Great Space, With Benches and Landscaping and Tables for Outdoor Dining.

Here are some more Renderings prepared With the Assistance of Baltimore County's Architect on Call Program. (Please Note that the Carry Out Restaurant Depicted in The First Rendering Is Just One of the Businesses that Have Contacted Us, We have Not Made any Commitments as of Today.) Is Rita's a business that you Would Like to See Here?

You Can also see Part of the Parking Area that Would be accessed through the Driveway at 829 Frederick Rd.

These Pictures are Currently on Display in The Window at 827 Frederick Rd.

Comments Please!


Anonymous said...

I don't think we need a Rita's because we have the Candy Box and Opies. We have an opportunity to have something new, why have something we already have? I think an independent and unique restaurant/ sandwich or coffee shop is a better choice over a chain. After reading all of the comments of others, I agree that while there are many places to "get" a cup of coffee in Catonsville, there is no place to "enjoy" a cup of coffee in Catonsville. No place with atmosphere.
A nice INDEPENDENT coffee shop that had desserts and good atmosphere would serve the community well, including the college community. Live acoustic music could be a big hit at night.

Please hold out for the right thing.

Anonymous said...

Since Catonsville has been named as Maryland's 'music center' wouldn't it be a good idea to encourage more music specialities, recording studio, music school, music stores etc.

Anonymous said...

I would like to contact you about moving my restaurant to the vacant hardware store. Can I please get your email address or phone number so that we can arrange a meeting? MHM

Craig W. said...

Thank you.

I didn't realize that it wasn't on here. I have added my contact info to my profile.


As you can see there is a demand for a rest. there. I look forward to meeting with you. Craig

Beth said...

Hello Craig,
I just read the article in the times, and am so excited that I can respond via the internet. I have lived her in Catonsville my entire life, all 30 years of it, I've attended all the schools in the area and my kids now too attend. I think the idea about having a mexican resteraunt would be terrific. I've been saying so since fact everytime that building in the parking lot by friendly's goes through renevation I pray it will be something mexican. None the less it never is. I can guarantee that if you allow a mexican resteraunt in your space I will frequent it and the many friends I have in the surrounding area will too. I often travel to columbia to go to such places as "Chipotle", "Qdoba", and "Baja Fresh". I literally live 3 blocks from the old hardware store. I can assure you that even without a liquor license such a resteraunt will do well here. I am confident that not only will you have customers after school hours coming for a bite to eat, but I'm sure the local businesses would enjoy a fresh mex type of place for their lunch break.
When I go to a mexican resteraunt I don't go to drink margaritas, I go mostly for the food, and I'm sure there are some who would welcome a resteraunt with liquor I don't feel it's necessary.
Anyhow if it doesn't pan out with mexican here are some other ideas...Cold stone creamery...I know we have ice cream in the area, but nothing like cold stone. A sushi bar? Anyway I know that not all people like these kinds of places, but there are definitely alot that do. Besides in revitalizing Catonsville's mainstreet shouldn't you come with something completely different, young and fresh, and offer more choices? Sure while Catonsville is "music city" we could have another music spot...but don't you think there are enough of those? It would be terrific if they offered a spot for the local band scene at the resteraunt maybe on the weekend nights, but I would much rather see it in the form of the Mexican resteraunt (lapalapas in ellicott city has bands on the weekends. While I do enjoy the fact that my Catonsville is within minutes of Columbia and ellicott city where there are tons, and I mean tons of choices in Food and shopping I would Mostly want to see a resteraunt here so I can stop supporting Howard county's resteraunt market and bring in money for my home town.

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