March 8, 2007

"Head Shop ! ? "

This Email was Sent to Me This Morning :

Dear Craig,
I am writing concerning the new store, 'Sunshine Peace' , currently
doing business in your building. If I am wrong and you do not own this
property and are not renting to Sunshine Peace, then view this letter as a
concerned parent and citizen of Catonsville. I have been told that
there is a back room, offered to view for teenagers entering the store,
that displays an assortment of bongs, pipes, stickers and decals
promoting drug use and various other items. I have not been in 'the back room'
, but intend to wander down there and look for myself. Are you aware of
this? The last thing Catonsville needs is a 'head shop' to attract our
youth. My sources are reliable...they entered the store yesterday to
look at the cool tee shirts and were then invited by the clerk to view
the back room. Even as teenagers, they were uncomfortable and promptly
left and informed me. I know this is not someplace you would want your
own children or their friends to frequent. I appreciate your response.
Thank you.

My Response:
I would like to start off by stating that I DO NOT OWN THE PROPERTY IN QUESTION.
I would also like to point out, that Record and Tape Traders, across the street, has sold many similar items for many years. Both stores appear to be operating within the letter of the law.

I do find it Ironic that, while the majority of the community would like to have a restauarnt in Catonsville, we are unlikely to attract one because of Maryland's archaic liquor laws regarding Baltimore County. And, if we are able to find a restaurant that would be willing to open here, without serving alcohol, adults will dodge traffic and walk accross the street to buy alcoholic beverages which they will bring in and enjoy with their food, while their children will be able to walk down the street and legally buy merchandise related to the use of illegal drugs. What is the sense?

Maybe someone else will open a Hookah Lounge, a BYOB Strip Club or a Gun Shop on Frederick Rd. Now that would change the character of "Main Street."


Anonymous said...

In response to the blog of March 8, 2007 titled "Head Shop!”

My name is Lawrence "Larry" Zwick. I’m the owner of Peace of Sunshine (you could at least get the name correct). Anyway, I do have a rather interesting back room. My back room is a collection of eclectic merchandise that includes paper Buda lamps, black light posters, incense, hand-made soaps, and I carry a selection of hand made glass tobacco pipes.

I recently retired from the military. For the last 22 years, I've defended the laws of the United States and protected the rights that allow you and me to walk the streets freely. Because of the laws in our great country, we can walk our streets without the concern of being prosecuted because we look different, speak a different language, or practice a religion of our own choosing. We are blessed with the freedom to choose. If you choose to shop at Peace of Sunshine, it is because the laws of this great country allow you to do so. Everything I sell is legal. I respect the law and live up to the law. What Catonsville needs is a little Peace of Sunshine and I intend to start the trend. Frederick road is filled with service industry and back office store-fronts. Flower power – it’s back!

My advice - spend more time teaching your children to make good choices. Teach your children that freedom means the freedom to choose. Teach your children that this is the best country in the world because we do have the freedom to choose! Many of our young men and women are dying as we speak in a country far far away. If you think Catonsville needs to be cleaned up, take a look about 50 miles away in that big white house! Look outside the box! Don't tread on me... Have a great day!

Lawrence Zwick
Peace of Sunshine
819 Frederick Road
Catonsville, MD 21228
Phone: 202-607-9587
Federal EIN 20-5932978
Maryland Tax ID: 12674312

Anonymous said...

I assume that the comment about the hookah lounge... when taken in the context of of a strip club and a gun shop was meant to be a serious knock against what it offers. The truth about a hookah lounge is that nothing is smoked other than tobacco and it is perfectly legally, tar, and nicotine free. It is a tribute to middle eastern cultures and usually offers a nice selection of cultural foods as well as music and a great place to hang out at night other than a bar. The place smells great and is usually nicely decorated. Check out the zeeba lounge in federal hill if you have any doubts. That place provides a safe, happy, nondrunken environment that college kids where college kids love to hang out at night. It's a cultural experience and good clean fun! If catonsville had one, I know myself and many of my friends would come from UMBC to frequent catonsvillle.

Craig W. said...

Maybe a Hookah Lounge would do great on Frederick Road. My point is that, if someone chose to open one they could do so Legally.
I have visited a couple of Hookah Lounges, where I have usually enjoyed a nice meal as well. But, a Hookah Lounge would just have to be, BYOB.

A Tattoo Parlor, a gun Shop, a BYOB Strip Club and Pawn Shops were only mentioned because people have contacted me about operating those businesses in this Highly Visible Location. They have contacted me because they do not need a liquor lisc.

This Site is intended to find out what kind of business the MAJORITY of Catonsville residents would like to see on Frederick Rd.

Let's hear the votes for a Hookah Lounge.

Andrew said...

Hey, I'd come for hookah for sure. Hookah has become very trendy in college towns (especially on the east coast), and I've yet to see one fail when placed near a college town. The BYOB aspect isn't even really an issue here because most of the hookah establishments I've been to don't even have a BYOB policy (The only one I've been to which does is Zeeba - and I think Three Kings might have caught on to that trend to compete :P). I think that a well-run hookah longue would make a great addition, and it would certainly drive the college students into catonsville (parking in Baltimore, forget it).

Anonymous said...

In response to Larry's post...

First of all, Flower power (as you call it) has never gone anywhere so don't think you are starting a revolution. Us true Dead Heads and believers in peace and love have never gone anywhere. Therefore, please stop sounding ignorant about this ordeal.

I think what parents are concerned about is that you are allowing patrons into your backroom that are not of legal age. My child has visited your store who is not 18 and they were allowed back there to view your "eclectic merchandise".

Besides, if anyone truly wants a great opportunity to purchase great "Flower Power" and "Eclectic Merchandise" they should either head down-town or to The Other Side in Towson.

All we want here in Catonsville is that you treat people with respect and do not allow under-age children into the "back room".

Thank you,
A Concerned Parent

Anonymous said...

Those are all great ideas for Frederick Rd. in Catonsville, but I would love to see a massage parlor open up. Particularly of the Asian variety. Anyone know if that's going to happen soon? There would be a huge demand for their services, if the number of hos who set up shop in the Executive Suites is any indication.

Anonymous said...

Dear "concerned parent",

Learn to write a proper sentence. Were you stoned on tobacco when you wrote this? Using those tobacco water pipes can kill brain cells.

Anonymous said...

They're is plenty of "respectable adults" in Catonsville who enjoy a good smoke once in awhile. I earn my money just like anyone else.Annd Ill spend it how I please. At least a third of catonsville smokes.. open your eyes. Why dont you worry about all the crack heads on winters lane & the drug dealers that sell it in front of the liquor store? Give larry a break he's helping our community become profitable in a LEGAL manner.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sunshine Larry, Nice to see you open a decent place where a self described Narassacist can sell all the stuff he forgot to smoke of when his older brothers where changing his Diapers might have made him more original. Oh I forgot givining up the'family was part of that culture. Anyway just thought I'd dropp you a note since this is the only wayto get ahold of you and wish you a thanks giving since you have all given up on us. Works real well doesn't it. Oh bTW thanks for all the real cool stuff you stoned out hippies contributr to society. I did it for a while but then just realized I considered myself to damned important to say high or was it hi! to my realatives I hope cantonsvile finds some obscure little law on the books to run you out of town while you atone for all the sins you have contributed to your familiy while you find out there is only a small community of Hippies out there who are so cool they want to be just like you...... feel free to point out my english errors I was making while you forget yourparents birthadys and get really high.

Anonymous said...

So I was searching google for the address of Peace of Sunshine (yes I am a customer there) and came across this blog. Honestly, how rude are you people? HEAD SHOPS ARE LEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. If you have a problem with this then be my guest, take it up with Congress. The items in that shop are used to smoke tobacco, which is also LEGAL. I wonder if any of you smoke cigarettes, which is clinically proven to be worse for you than marijuana. Yes, some people may choose to smoke illegal things in the products they can buy from Peace of Sunshine but so what? If they can't get it there then they go somewhere else! And if you are a "concerned parent" then wake up! If your kids are smoking weed then it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to stop them. Do you write nasty letters about 7-eleven and other drug stores? After all, they sell cigars, blunts, dutches, rolling papers; all of which can be used to smoke marijuana (and they are MUCH cheaper and less sketchy). I mean really people, get your heads out of your asses and take responsibility for what is your own fault. If your kids smokes weed then it probably because they fucking hate their lives at home. And its no wonder with psycho parents like you writing unnecessary letters and post blogs all over the interest like feuding middle-schoolers. The End.

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