June 10, 2007

More of the Same and A New Store in Town!

The issue with the Liquor License is still a major obstacle.
We have had several more Restaurants contact us in the Last couple of Months that would really like to locate here. But, they all still require a liquor license.

The Space at 821 Frederick Rd. (where we had been trying to put the Sushi Bar) has been Leased to the Catonsville Groomery. They have been doing a really good business out of the old Coin Store and desperately needed to grow. They will now be adding a retail section to the business. If we can't get Political Support for a new Restaurant in Catonsville, Kathy, Val and the Staff of the Groomery are a good substitute.

The only businesses that have expressed interest in the old Hardware Store have been -
A Piano Store (From out of Town)
A Real Estate Office
A Contractor
2 Mattress Stores

Scunny, the owner from Nacho Mama's is still interested in opening a place here, but, not with out on Premise Alcohol.

We have been contacted by a Crab House out of New Jersey that runs a BYOB operation in their home state. We are talking with them and one other. It seems that Crab House's are the only Restaurants that really work BYOB. The owner of Ship's Cafe has told me that he would welcome a crab house, that is BYOB. But, will continue to fight to keep Nacho Mamas out of Catonsville. (I personally think that a Mexican Restaurant would only help his business and I get my Steamed Crabs at Sea Hut- which started as BYOB and now has a liquor license)


Anonymous said...

Instead of a pub/tavern masquerading as a Mexican restaurant, why not a more authentic Mexican restaurant that emphasizes the menu over the Dos Equis and Coronas like Mi Casa in Ellicott City? Or a classy one with a menu that is to-die-for, like Cacique in Frederick?

Anonymous said...

I have spoken with Chandler, the owner of Mi Casa. He serves Dos Equis, Coronas, Margaritas and a lot more. He would never think of opening here without a liquor license.

Do you think Cacique would be interested in coming here?
I think that an authentic Mexican Restaurant would do great here and I don't think that they have to sell alcohol. But, I am not in the restaurant business and have not met anyone yet, that would be willing to open such a place.


Anonymous said...

Mexican, Italian, French, Japaneese, Steak and Potato's!

I would like to see anyone that is willing to open a restaurant, THAT IS NICE, come to Catonsville.

We have talked with many. Maybe a place that serves breakfast all day. There are alot of great ideas out there, but, finding something that works is a challange.

Unless someone can make money without the alcohol The Hardware store will not be a Restaurant.

Has anyone noticed that the old Firehouse on Bloomsbury Ave. (Which would have been another nice Eatery if not so close to the school) Became another property in Catonsville to house Mosaic (ReVisions). We might see a flip flop occur, where 10 or more Restaurants end up at Spring Grove and Spring Grove ends up on Frederick Rd.

Anonymous said...

The guy from Ship's Cafe has no idea about anything. Another crab house directly across the street from his would put him out of business. The prices are way too high, the food is not that great, and the service is nothing to right home about. I have been there twice and will never return for anything.

Another style of restaurant will only help his business, unless it is a crabhouse.

Bring on a great restaurant to the area please. That is what Catonsville needs. There are no places on Frederick Road that are nice enough to bring in the wealthier clientele that many of the shops need.

I also suggest we all boycott the hippie store. Horrible idea for Catonsville!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, no matress stores or another piano store! I do not understand the view of the owner of Ships Cafe that he would oppose Nacho Mamas but would accept a crab house!

Other than writing Jim Smith and our other elected officals regarding the liquor license, what else can be done? Frederick Road needs another nice but casual restaurant!

Anonymous said...

"It seems that Crab House's are the only Restaurants that really work BYOB."
Is that right? I think if the food is great, folks won't mind a BYOB (or wine!) venue, esp. with a liquor store so close by. In Chincoteague, Va., there is a small Vietnamese restaurant that often has customers waiting for tables in the evenings and it is BYOB. Why? Because the food is great (and it ain't necessarily cheap).

Anonymous said...

How about SOUL FOOD with the amount of us African Americans living in Catonsville this would be great and white people could enjoy some collard greens, corn bread, fried chicken and good home cookin'.

Anonymous said...

I am writing to extend my support for your Strawberry Fields project!!. I have lived in the Catonsville area for over 40 years and have always thought that the Frederick Road area with it’s variety of retail shops and businesses would be greatly enhanced by an outdoor restaurant area! A place to take a break from walking to sit and enjoy a meal and chat with neighbors would be a welcome addition to that area of Catonsville. The courtyard aspect makes me think of a family-friendly way to have dinner on those busy evenings during the Spring and Fall, and of course on the less stressful summer evenings we all enjoy!!! The area you are developing is centrally located and the parking you are planning is a much needed asset to all of the local businesses on Frederick Road.

I have read the articles in the Catonsville Times regarding the liquor license and the necessity of that to get a quality restaurant into the area. I hope that an exception might be made to this antiquated law so that we can bring people together and get them out to enjoy our fine hometown community of Catonsville, MD.

Thank you for your efforts.


Jenny and Tom Ward
Catonsville, Maryland

Anonymous said...

We just drove past Ship's cafe. It was 6pm on a Weds. night and the place looked dead! The Waitress on the deck looked very bored, so did the valet parking guy (whats up with that?).
We wanted Sushi, so of course we left Catonsville and went to Ellicott City. We drove through downtown Ellicott City past The Phoenix, Coco Lane, Jordan's, the Trolly Stop, the Brewery and LaPalapa's - they all looked very busy. I couldn't tell if the new place, The Rumor Mill was busy. We had a nice meal at Niko Sushi and a beer. After dinner we decided to go over to Kelsey's for a few more beers and a couple appetizers. We ended up spending more at Kelsey's than we did on Sushi.
Way to go owner of Ship's! Before he figures it out he will go down with his Ships!
Jack and Cara

Craig W. said...

I no longer have any reason to try to protect his identity or to help him by finding a complimentry business. It was Jim Andrews - the owner of Ships that brought to issue that the building was 3 feet short of the required distance from the school. And he is proud to admit it. We lost a great opportunity for a fine dining Tapas place and now have a Mattress store.I have confirmed this with the business owner that wanted to open the restaurant and Mr. Andrews himself, who seems quite pleased of his accomplishment -helping keep another restaurant (competition) out of Catonsville. It appears that he can't see a bigger picture for Catonsville. Craig W.

Anonymous said...

If they measure off the building then there isn't much changing that rule.

If it's the space that's 3 feet too close, build a 3'1" storage space or however small you can get and rent that out to someone else.

Anonymous said...

GL Shacks and Dimitri's are two of my favorite places to go. They both have parking and serve alcohol and are close to home

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