June 16, 2007

Movie Night Beach Party Update

Well, we have had the sand delivered. 50 Tons of it!
The Courtyard Area of Strawberry Fields Looks and Feels like a real Beach.

Doug Murphy and the Others as well as the Oellaphants are lined up to be our Musical Entertainment for the Afternoon.

The Film will start at Sunset.

We have secured some sponsors for the event:
George Brookhart - Long and Foster Realty
Bear's Den - Tatoos
PDA - Marketing
Appalachian BlueGrass Shoppe
Hair - M Hair Salon
The Columbia Bank
Peace of Sunshine
A.W.O.L. - Surf-Skate-Snow
and The Catonsville Groomery

Please be sure to patronize these businesses and THANK THEM FOR SPONSORING THE MOVIE NIGHT. It is because of them that we are able to do this for Free!

See you there!


Anonymous said...

How long before one of those "boarders" gets crushed by a vehicle driving down Frederick Road?

Jeanne said...

Sounds like wishful thinking on your part. I can imagine you would be smiling with self-righteousness should it happen. And if it did, wouldnt it be the parents who are responsible for teaching their children safe behavior in the community, or would you rather defer that to a store? Given that there are police officers and camera systems in every high school in the county, gangs in almost every school, (see CAtonsville Times, see BCPS page); given the number of young people attending alcohol and drug rehab with-in blocks of AWOL; given the frequent stories in the Times regarding kids and gangs - isnt your "concern" misplaced? It appears that you are attempting to advocate for youth safety (or sabotage AWOL)- what are you doing to help kids - coach, volunteer, sunday school teacher, scout leader - or simply a snide comment maker? AWOL is a store where kids gather to engage in a positive activity. Their safety is the responsibility of their parents. Also, if you believe in what you say, you wouldnt be ashamed to sign a name to your words. My name is Jeanne and I stand behind my words adn my intent to keep kids and family's on the right track.

On the Lighter Side!