July 11, 2007


To: Jack & Cara and Tom & Jenny and the rest of you that have left messages - Thank you! I know you understand and I appreciate your support.
Jack and Cara your response to June 10th's post was particularly to the point. Look at Ellicott City. Not to many years ago it was not a very nice place to go. There was a pool hall and the Bloody Bucket, not a place where Main Stream Customers would want to visit. Today many of us leave Catonsville regularly to eat and shop there. It appears that people are attracted to area's that offer choices. Craig


Shawn Kettering said...

Mr. Witzkie, I applaud your efforts to revitalize the Main Street area of Catonsville. I've often thought that Catonsville could use a few more restaurants, bars, and shops a la Ellicott City. This town has a great small town feel to it, but that seems to be slipping away more and more as the years go on. I often walk down Frederick Rd. and think about what could be. I'm glad that someone else is thinking the same thing and trying to do something about it. Good luck to you!

Anonymous said...

Shawn - The owner of Ship's wrote to me that we have all of the restaurants that we need in Catonsville. And he doesn't want any more competition. He says that the crime is higher in Ellicott City because of the Restaurants there. He also says that people would rather wait in line for a seat at Ship's Cafe than to drive to Ellicott City or elsewhere. He challanges my statements that people are leaving Catonsville to dine, says that I am making that up. He also says that what I am attempting to do is based upon my greed for higher rents and he questions my desire to improve Catonsville, for the sake of preserving the town. Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

I am a Catonsville resident and have been for 6 years. I moved from Frederick to Catonsville.

I am one of those (along with my young family) that travels to Howard County or the city. And I'm not alone. I have tons of friends in town that travel outside of it to eat (and shop sadly). I would like to keep my money in our town; however, there has to be a draw for me to do that.

Healthy competition means more people will have more choices. What's wrong with that?

Jen Cooper
Catonsville Resident

Anonymous said...

Ships and Jennings are very popular with the over sixty crowd. We need a place in Catonsville for people between 30 - 50 to go.
Don't give up!

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