July 13, 2007

'Lil Sugar Shack

821 Frederick Rd. is soon going to be home to the 'lil Sugar Shack. A new Candy Shop.
The 800 block of Frederick Rd is turning in to a much needed shopping district!
It is great to be able to walk Frederick Rd. where you can buy clothing and shoes as well as surf, skate and snow items at A.W.O.L.

Then go a few doors down and buy posters, T-Shirts, hand bags, sunglasses and More at the Peace of Sunshine.
Pick up a some Flowers at Hilton Florist or the Blue Iris.
Shop at Record and Tape Traders. Stop in The Collector's Edge and pick up a gift for your favorite sports enthusiast.
And soon you can stop in and pick up some great candy and delicious chocolates at the lil' Sugar Shack.
The Catonsville Groomery has outgrown their space (actually they out grew it shortly after opening) We were trying to bring in a Sushi Place, but, without the liquor license anyone that would like Sushi, will still have to leave Catonsville. But, Kathy, Val and the girls at the Catonsville Groomery persisted and now they will be moving next door into the newly renovated space, where they will groom pets and have a new Pet Boutique.


Anonymous said...

I am so excited for the opening of the Lil Sugar Shack!

Anonymous said...

We walked by today and saw them hard at work on the Sugar Shack. We can't wait. Great Idea!

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