June 14, 2008

Frederick Road Fridays - The First Night Exceeded Everyone's Expectations!

Well, It is June 14. And Last night was The First of the Frederick Rd. Friday's events.

The Weather was Perfect. The Band was Great. And everyone had an Excellent Time.
Over 400 People Participated in The Festivities, Many Stayed and Patronized the Local Businesses for Hours after the Music Stopped.

The Beer Garden at Jenning's Cafe was a Huge Success!

The Businesses that stayed open have reported that they had good nights and are looking forward to more customers during the upcoming events.

I would like to thank the following people:

George Brookhart
Teal Cary
Emory Knode
Jeff Mohler
Cathy Schneider
Jeff Utzinger
Eric Ebersole
These are the People from the Greater Catonsville Chamber of Commerce that made it all happen!

These Free Events Would not be Possible without the help of our Sponsors:

Record & Tape Traders

George Brookhart – Long & Foster Real Estate

Appalachian Bluegrass Shop

Molher and Gary Realtors

Edible Arrangements

Catonsville Optical

Peace of Sunshine

The Collectors Edge

Objects Found

The Catonsville Groomery

McFarland & Master's Attorney's at Law

ABC Rentals

Disabled Sports USA

Bill's Music House

Delmarva Farms

Cary Creative Design

Dusenberg's - An American Cafe & Grill


Jenning's Cafe

The Columbia Bank

Please be sure to Patronize these businesses and Thank Them for supporting Catonsville's Frederick Rd. Fridays.

Frederick Road Fridays - 2008 Schedule

All Shows are 5:30pm - 7:30PM
See You There!

June 27 -Automatic Slim
July 11 –Blue Streak
July 25 –Bill Dickson & MTT

August 8 –TBA

August 22 –Reality Jones

September 12 -TBA


Anonymous said...

Great Event. Good Times. Kudos to those who made it happen. We are looking forward to bringing friends to the upcoming ones.
(Getting to the Beer Garden was a Little Awkward - Can it be opened up?)

Bill & Diane G.

Anonymous said...

I have a friend that always tells me how much he hates Ship's Pub, yet he goes there every week. He told me that the owner's of Ships, say they are going to shut down these events. I didn't make it Friday night, but, according to my friend you are taking up Ship's parking spaces. Isn't this held on a public street? What is with these people? It seems like Frederick Road Friday Nights, would help them. TN

Anonymous said...

I, too, have heard that Mr. Andrews has vowed to do whatever it takes to stop these Friday night events. I don't get it - last Friday night there was a 1 hour wait to get into almost every restaurant in Catonsville (Including Ships). You are doing good things for Catonsville. DON'T LET HIM TRY TO INTIMIDATE YOU! Keep up the good work. Sam

Anonymous said...

WOW! sounds like we missed a great time! I'll be sure to take off work early so we can catch the next one. this is such a cool idea. THANKS & KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Anonymous said...

Every one had a great time. The businesses did well. Parking was not an issue. Nobody seemed to get drunk. What's the Problem? Maybe Mr. Ship's will write another letter to the Times commending you on a job well done. (Ha Ha)

Anonymous said...

What’s up with your parking sign? You had indicated when applying for your variance from the county that the additional parking would “help alleviate the parking problem on Frederick Road”. Now the sign says parking for “Employees and patrons of Strawberry Fields” only. What gives?

Anonymous said...

Re: Your Parking Question...
We are helping, with the parking problem on Frederick Rd. We are making the necessary investment to provide parking for our tenants, their employees and customers. Ours is not a parking lot for other businesses to use as their own. Businesses that opened without taking steps to provide adequate parking. We are having a problem with these business owners telling their patrons to park on our lot. More specifically Business Owners that have tried everything that they can think of, to cause trouble for us. Please ask the owners of the properties that you may be visiting to direct you to the parking spots that they have provided for you. Craig W.

Anonymous said...

y'all are LAZY! There is plenty of parking if you're willing to walk your lazy bones more than a block!

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