June 28, 2008

Frederick Road Fridays - June 27, 2008

Well it is half past midnight and I am returning home to voicemail and emails from people stating- the second Frederick Rd Fridays had been canceled. It is a good thing that we didn't hear that earlier - we might not have stayed.

I must admit, we did have a change of plans, but, hey this is Music City Maryland and we showed up to hear some Music!

The unexpected 45 minute downpour may have dumped more than an inch of rain on Catonsville, but, it didn't dampen our Spirits.

Although we were all disappointed that Automatic Slim didn't perform his famous Chicago Blues Style Music. The promoters felt that it was more important to be safe and not use all of that electrical equipment around all of that water! Automatic Slim and his band mates thought it would be a better idea to hang out with the crowd at Jennings and remain alive. After all they do have a Wednesday night performance at the Cat's Eye Pub in Fells Point. (See you there).

I would like to thank everyone who helped us regroup, especially Tom Ward from ABC Rental who helped us move alot of stuff very quickly.

Brian Kelum, once again, showed us that the staff of Record & Tape Traders are an important part of the Community.We are lucky that Record & Tape Traders will be staying in Catonsville.

The Beer Garden at Jenning's Cafe had live Music Scheduled to start after the Main Act. So when the rain stopped, Nick appeared early - Live From Bill's House of Music. Nick, a talented guitar player who started his set early kept us entertained. He was a real crowd pleaser, especially with his version of America's- Horse with No Name.

Michelle, the cute and perky Barrister from the Coffee Junction turned out to be quite an entertainer - who would have known that a female banjo player, who sings Barbara Streisand songs would be such a hit. I will be looking for her original song "Catonsville" to appear on you tube, in the near future.

While I was very glad to see UMBC students show up to support the event and patronize Jennings, I know that they were even happier to see the Coor's Light girls show up to hand out swag and buy beers at the bar.

Things really took an unexpected turn when Brian Higgins, of Bill's Music, brought over the Karaoke machine. Karaoke under the Stars at Jennings Beer Garden - who would ever expect that?

And, although I have heard the gang from Rolling Road Golf Club sing Karaoke before, I had not heard Tessa, Jenning's newest hostess or Janine from a Piece of Sunshine, who along with my beautiful wife each sang a variety of favorites.

As far as Brian singing "Thank God I'm a Country Boy", or Omar's Rendition of Joan Jett's - I Love Rock and Roll- Apologies are in order to that poor dog, I hope his hearing returns soon. I understand that his owner may be looking for a good dog psychiatrist!

If You missed Brian or Omar, don't worry, because I am sure that you will be able to hear both of them, long before you ever hear me sing again!

Thanks to everyone who helped recover from the weather situation, all of the people that showed up looking for entertainment sure found it tonight. After all this is Catonsville and as the saying goes "The Show Must Go On".

We will see you in two weeks at Frederick and Egges. Along with Musical Guests - Blue Streak. Good Night. Craig


Anonymous said...

We have had a great time at both of the Frederick Rd. Friday Nights so far and are looking forward to attending the rest. Great job saving the night, last night it was really a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

I must have missed the announcement that Record and Tape Traders are staying in C-ville -- great news! Can you fill me in on the change? Are they staying in their current location or moving?

Anonymous said...

Hey I love the blog. would you consider putting togther a calendar the events in catonsville on this site so that we know about things like auctions and fridays and lurman all in one central spot in the blog

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