March 15, 2010

More on Grilled Cheese in Catonsville

March 15, 2010- From The Baltimore Sunpaper

Something cheesy in Catonsville

Just when you thought the Catonsville dining scene couldn't get any more hifalutin, along comes a new restaurant devoted to grilled cheese.
We're not talking Wonder-Bread-and-Kraft-Singles combos either.
When Grilled Cheese & Co. opens later this month in the 500 block of Edmondson Avenue, near the Beltway, expect the likes of smoked bacon, aged white cheddar and diced tomato. And fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, pesto, balsamic glaze and "XVO." (If they had to abbreviate "extra virgin olive oil," at least they went with their own shorthand and not Rachael Ray's.)
There's even a dessert grilled cheese made with sliced brie, mascarpone cheese, semi-sweet chocolate and raspberry sauce.
The company's Web site says the restaurant concept, one the owners hope to expand to more locations, was "inspired by childhood memories of grilled cheese." At the same time, it describes the menu as "adult-focused." Along with the upscale sandwiches, there will be homemade soups and "gourmet" salads.
The restaurant is in a two-story white building that at one point housed both barbecue joint and exterminator. (That always amused me for some reason.)
Grilled Cheese & Co. is the creation of Vic Corbi and Matt Lancelotta, who've already been peddling upscale grilled cheese at area festivals. They're the ones behind the Grilled Cheese, Beer & Wine Festival planned for October, which EL mentioned in this space when it was announced last month.
I spotted the Grilled Cheese & Co. sign going up late Sunday afternoon while driving by with the family. My husband, still bitter four years after having frittered away one of his Charleston courses on grilled cheese, greeted the restaurant concept with a bad pun: "That's a crock, monsieur."
But really, if it's extra-good grilled cheese, what's not to like?

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Anonymous said...

WOW! I wonder if they will be using the incredible bread from Ned Atwaters new bakery?

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