September 9, 2007

Arts & Crafts Festival 2007

I would like to commend everyone that was involved in organizing and facilitating this years Festival. It was Awesome! I heard that it was a record turn out.
It was great to see many of our local businesses highlighted. I heard several people say that they didn't know that there were so many nice shops in Catonsville. I hope they will come back before next year.
It was wonderful to hear all of the live music spread through out the street. In addition to the main stage, there was live music in front of Bill's Music House, on the front porch of the Peace of Sunshine, a few musicians strolling through the street and we had a variety of impromptu entertainment at Strawberry Fields. I even met a magician that kept popping up to perform his tricks!
Attractions like the car show ( how do they keep those old cars looking so perfect?) and the kiddie corner broaden the appeal of the festival - there really is something for everyone!
Everyone worked together this year, neighbors, businesses, the chamber of commerce, the vendors and the Arts & Crafts committee. It really showed. The beautiful weather only made the day more enjoyable.


Anonymous said...

it was definitely an awesome day for catonsville!!!
the village really shined!!!
i totally agree with craig the music in the street was very cool and the turnout was off the charts!!!
like i keep saying, what a great time to live in catonsville!!!


Steve Garrison CHS '69 said...

The Arts & Crafts festival was an example of all that is right about our village. Friendly crowds of babies, their older brothers and sisters, their parents and grandparents, strolled amidst friends and neighbors.

I chanced upon Bryan MacKay, a classmate from 1957-our first year at the elementary school until 1969-our last year at CHS. A biology teacher at UMBC, he was displaying a collection of exquisite photos-images of rare plants found in the region-unnoticed by most of us. Lives on Newburg Ave, in the house he grew up in.

George Goebel, cartoonist extraordinaire, manned a booth with his wife Maria Staub Goebel, owner of Staub Art Studio in the Junction. She gives "Art instruction at all levels for children and adults." 410.744.9001.

I bought some interesting watercolors from Charlene Clark, a Catonsville native with a world of local images in her mind, and the talent to bring them to life on her canvases.

A view of Wilton Farm Dairy, one of their olive green Divco delivery trucks, and one of the Alpha Theatre are now part of my landscape.

Charlene has lots of Catonsville scenes. You can peruse them charleneclarkstudio. Charlene's exuberance is infectious. She's a local girl who has applied her talent and imagination to make a national name for herself. But she's still the Charlene I knew in high school.

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