September 18, 2007

DeVille Ink

On September 17, DeVille Ink opened on Frederick Rd. DeVille Ink specializes in body art. They were obviously drawn to Frederick Rd. because the town is known as Music City and Tattoos are very popular among musicians.


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Anonymous said...

It is above Sam's bagels. It is a nice place.


Steve Garrison CHS '69 said...

I sure hope my daughters don't get tattoos.

Sorta like my parents hoping I wouldn't get a Beatle haircut. (I didn't.)

But if my daughters choose to get tattoos, I hope they get them in my village.

Where I have the opportunity to check out the cleanliness of the shop, and the skillfulness of the staff.

Tolerance is part of the culture here. I shared the Village with "walkers,"-patients from Spring Grove with privileges to leave the grounds.

I was given a warm welcome at the Hare Krishna house on Bloomsbury. They were quite friendly, and showed me their temple room, where a beautiful gold damask religious figure dominates their main room.

I went through school with classmates from all economic castes-and gained perspective from all of them.

I attended school with "the special ed" kids. And learned that in many ways they were more like us than different.

As long as DeVille Ink is up to the standards we strive to maintain, more power to them.

Craig W. said...

DeVille Ink has closed - They were forced out do to zoning regulations. Look for them to open in a new location.

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