July 28, 2008

Story Time at Strawberry Fields

One of our original desires, when we acquired the properties from the Muir and Bray Family's, was to create a place where families could walk with their young children to enjoy and participate in some Good Old Fashioned activities.

On Saturday July 26, 2008. Another of these family oriented events was held at Strawberry Fields. George Brookhart, of Long & Foster Realtors, hosted story teller Rebekah Kaufman, who provided a Magical Morning for the children (and parents) that attended. Watch for other events to follow!

Special Thanks to:
George Brookhart
One World Emporium
The Catonsville Groomery
The Coffee Junction
and the Little Sugar Shack
for making this Fantasy a Reality!

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Larry Mernaugh said...

George Brookhart's Saturday @ Strawberry Fields -StoryTeller Ms.Rebekah Kaufman was a fantastic experience for all who attended! Ms.Kaufman's abilitiy to tell stories and engage the entire audience was phenomenal as evidenced by the rapt attention of the smallest child to the adults in the crowd. Her talent for facilitating interaction by the children and the adults made the experience enjoyable and fun for everyone. She also made an observation that I found to be very accurate-"....the children in Catonsville are the most polite children/audience I have observed...." What a compliment to the children and their families.
Mr.Brookhart deserves a great deal of praise for his generosity in offering such an event. In talking with him, he conveyed his hope that an event such as this would serve as a reminder to the community what a great place Catonsville is. I would like to offer that the real moral of the story is- Catonsville is only a great place to live because of the great people [like George Brookhart] who live here. Kudos and many thanks to Mr. Brookhart for a job well done! We can't wait for the next event and would encourage everyone to attend. Lawrence Mernaugh & Family O.W.E.

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