March 10, 2009

Electronic's Recycling

Did you get a new TV, computer or home movie system for the holidays? How about a cell phone, ipod or other electronic device? The Hillcrest Elementary PTA Environmental Committee along with Old Catonsville Neighborhood Association is sponsoring:

An Electronics Recycling Day

on Saturday, March 14 From 10 am -2pm

in the Hillcrest Parking lot

Keep your old electronics out of the landfill and the incinerator and help the community at the same time by dropping off old electronics between 10-2. We will take anything that plugs in or runs off a battery (no large appliances, A/C units, or fluorescent bulbs). There will be a $10 charge for TV's. They will even take old batteries.
Contact Joan Plisko at for more information.

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Anonymous said...

The event was a great success! Thanks to all who participated and contributed to the efforts of the Hillcrest Environmental PTA and Hillcrest Green Club, an afterschool program.

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