August 2, 2008

Frederick Road Fridays -August 8th Appaloosa

Forget Trying to get Tickets to the Virgin Festival this Weekend and Come to our Friday Night Event. We are going to be treated to a special performance by Local Legends- Appaloosa.
If you were anywhere in the Baltimore Area during the 1970's or 80's and you attended a school dance, a pool party, a wedding or prom. You probably remember and love Appaloosa. They were the Hotest Band then and they are still Rockin!

This week Appaloosa will be performing at Frederick Rd and Egges Lane. Show Starts at 5:30pm and is FREE!
This is a Family Friendly Event so bring the kids and as always The Beer Garden at Jennings Cafe will be open.

Band Biography

Gordon Holder · Tony Cesenaro · Sharon Donovan · Chuck Ansell · Mike Flaherty · Marc Pena

Appaloosa was born in early 1971 with original members Chuck Ansell - keyboards, Mike Flaherty - drums, Frank Frazier - bass and Jimmy Neeson on guitar. In 1977, Rob Finecey replaced Jim Neeson. His tenure lasted from 1977 - 1982 while giving the band excellent vocals, lead guitar, and songwriting. Larry Neeson joined the group in 1978 as the main lead guitarist, making the band five members. He stayed until '82 when the band went part time. The original vision of a full vocal band with steady playing of songs during their performance all the while pleasing the crowd with their party atmosphere is still with Appaloosa today. After a great 24 years with the group, Joe Cowman, lead vocalist and second guitar/keys had a career opportunity and re-located out of the area with his family. The current line-up now has Gordon Holder on guitar, Tony Cesenaro on bass and the dynamic vocals of Sharon Donovan. Accenting the sound, Appaloosa is proud to have Marc Pena, AKA Midnight Marc, as part of the team since 1999 doing sound and providing outstanding DJ music. Stability and professionalism strike deep into the core of the band’s existence even to this day.It's a good chance Appaloosa played your prom, school dance, CYO/Teen Center, social function, favorite night club and maybe even some of the readers' weddings over the years. Appaloosa takes pride in providing a first rate performance and being a strong dance band. This group still kicks!

Gordon Holder
Gordon has been performing music "professionally" since 1980. He has performed lead & rhythm guitar playing for a variety of Baltimore-Metropolitan rock & roll style bands. His musical studies and influences have encompassed guitar styles ranging from jazz, country, rhythm & blues, and rock & roll. In 1988, he proudly joined the Baltimore based band Appaloosa and has been supporting the musical group with his lead & rhythm guitar talents since!

Tony Cesenaro
Tony Cesenaro joined Appaloosa in 1993 as their bassist. Tony started playing at the age of 12, influenced by the sounds of Motown quality groups like Tower of Power, Blood Sweat and Tears, Chicago, and the rich "Doo Whop" vocals of the 50's sounds. Tony has provided Appaloosa the fortune of a continued list of strong musicians with a stable attitude and a solid approach towards entertainment and a professional attitude to his music.

Sharon Donovan
Sharon Donovan joined Appaloosa the summer of 2007. Sharon started her singing career with “Country Strangers” in her late teens. Later karaoke hit the scene and she hosted sometimes seven shows a week. She then met Clay Hunt and joined his group “Pure De-Lite” in the 90’s for several years. She left and went to “The New Romano’s”. Sharon decided to take a small sabbatical from singing. But the itch was too strong not to scratch. She then joined “Messenger”. Sharon is quoted at saying “Messenger was the time of my life”. When “Messenger” dispersed she joined “Imposter” until they too dispersed. Sharon spent a few months fronting for “Rumor Has It” which she stepped down to finish school. But once again the itch was too strong. She is now the first female to front “Appaloosa”. She brings a new type of versatility and energy to the group. Finally she’s found a home.

Chuck Ansell
Chuck Ansell has been performing in bands since he was 16. He started out as a lead vocalist while being caught up in the "British Invasion" and the Motown Sound in the 60's. Then at 19 he picked up keyboards. After playing in several bands and developing a vision for what he considered to be a successful formula for a group, he formed Appaloosa in 1971. Success came quickly and over the years, Appaloosa has experienced good fortune and stabilty while added by wonderful chemistry amongst the members.

Mike Flaherty
Mike Flaherty is the drummer/vocalist. Along with Chuck, he is an original member. Mostly self taught, he has been playing since the age of 12. He played in the marching and concert bands in high school. Mike performed with several local bands including a 14 piece soul band called the “Expressions featuring the Delvons” before finally settling in with “Appaloosa” in 1971. He also plays and sings with the St. Ursula Contemporary Worship Group on Sunday mornings and at other church functions.Mike is a proud dad of his daughter Melissa and his son Matt. He works for Nelson White Systems, a large Baltimore based audio/video contractor selling, designing, installing and servicing sound and video systems for schools, churches and corporate boardrooms.Some of the highlights in his musical career have been performing in Caracas, Venezuela and as the warm-up act for Slade, Hall and Oates and the Edgar Winter Group and performing at the Inner Harbor Summer Concerts. Another memorable experience was recording at Todd Rungren’s studio in Manhattan, New York with famed keyboardist Felix Cavaliere of the “Rascals”.Mike says “the great thing about playing in Appaloosa is being able to perform such a wide variety of music while entertaining audiences. Music is such a big part of my life that I can’t imagine not performing in some capacity”.

Marc Pena
Marc has been the soundman for Appaloosa since 1999. To get more info on him visit his site, Midnite Marc.

For more information on the band visit


Anonymous said...

Appoloosa was great!
How did you ever get them?
It looks like these Frederick Rd Friday Nights have been and will continue to be a huge success.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

great to see you last night.
everything was awesome,the weather,the music, the crowd! lots of faces that I haven't seen in a while. my wife and I had dinner @ jennings afterwards, that was the bomb! we will be recommending it to everyone. thanks for helping to create a great street scene! all the best, scott

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