August 1, 2008

Here are a Few Replies to the Very Misinformed Petition Signers

This entire post and all supporting comments were removed
Wednesday August 6th.

Some of the Individuals whose names were mentioned prefer to remain anonymous. Having their names appear on this blog may hurt any negotiations with the Newburg Avenue Association.

I do believe that I have the right to defend myself against the misinformation and downright lies that have been distributed throughout Catonsville, to elicit signatures, on their misleading petition. It is not my policy to remove ANY post, but, this is being done as an attempt to refocus our efforts on reaching a mutually satisfying agreement with the Newburg Ave. Association.

I would like to thank all of the people who support this project and took the time to learn the facts, before signing the petition blindly. You can remain assured that I will do everything,within my power, to see that the Muir House is renovated and will contribute to the beautiful gateway to the surrounding neighborhood. Although, this may take longer than originally planned, due to the unexpected legal expense and hindrances, that we have encountered, this is still our goal.

Please keep reading this blog to find out about the many great things happening in Catonsville.



Anonymous said...

What is wrong with people?????

I am sorry to hear about this and whatever nasty people are behind it have obviously not gone out their front door in months…the area that Craig has developed is so attractive and nice!

The Catonsville Gourmet is absolutely WONDERFUL and I see people in there EVERY night! The parking is much needed and it is just so pretty to look at with the nice walkway and flowers. It looks better than it has in MANY years. How cowardly to distribute something while you are on vacation…

You have gone over and above what you needed to do to satisfy them and still they are not satisfied. How lucky for them for someone in the community to have purchased the property with the same community values…instead of some land developer who could have squeezed 10 townhouses there which would look ridiculous on that street with the beautiful old homes. I just don’t know what is wrong with people…and I am truly sorry that all the good that you guys have done has been seen as negative, even if just by a select few misinformed people.

On a brighter note….Tom and I are planning to go to Appaloosa this Friday night with my friend and her husband!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that Lou Weinkamp has a "Save Mr. Muir's House" sign on his front lawn. What do you think that's all about? I would think that he would support what you are doing.

Craig W. said...

The sign is not on Weinkam's property, it was on his neighbors front lawn. Thank You, Craig

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