February 21, 2007


There have been quite a few references to having a Restaurant where you would bring your own alcoholic beverage. More Specifically, a Mexican Restaurant, where you could BYOB. I have heard some pretty interesting ideas.

I have been told of places that have done this and had frozen drink machines, you buy a virgin frozen drink and then add your own Tequila or whatever. I have heard of places where the bartender will mix your drink, with your spirits, using their mixers. I have heard of parties going out to dinner and taking coolers full of their favorite beverages. I have even heard of people going out for a birthday party and taking a keg of beer!

I don't know about the legalities of running a place like these. But, many of you seem to enjoy similar type places. Every time someone tells me about one of these operations, they tell me how much they like them,but, they are so crowded that they can't always get in. These places seem to be very popular.

A Mexican Place that is B.Y.O.B., sure seems like it would be very popular. I would imagine it would draw quite a few students from the local colleges as well.

I must admit. The only places that I can remember going, where it was B.Y.O.B., were Sea Hut (Before They Got a Lisc.) and the Canopy (When it was a Tent on Rt. 40)
And I never saw anyone with more than a six pack or a bottle of wine.

Is there anyone out there that would be interested in Opening a B.Y.O.B. place here?
Is there anyone reading this that knows the legalities?
Can these places be family friendly?
Are you concerned that a Restaurant like this may be too popular?
We have the space to park the cars.


Anonymous said...

One of your original posters' wrote of a Key West style Seafood Market. That was BYOB. I think if you could do that, with some picnic tables inside the vacant hard ware store. You would have a real winner. You could make it a very rustic place like an old boat house and maybe have live music. I know that my friends' and I would pay more for good fresh seafood, if we could save some money by bringing our own beer. I like your blog!

Anonymous said...

Salsa Grill in Woodlawn allows you to bring in your own bottle of wine or what not. That is a good idea. I bet RC Rogers would like that idea!

mags said...

Indian Delight just down the street on Frederick is a white tablecloth BYOB. Some BYOB's have a small charge for set ups. Anyway it's just an easy, inexpensive way to go out for dinner. This would be a nice idea.

Anonymous said...

Chicago is a BYOB city. There are more than 400 restaurants without a liquor license that allow you to bring wine (or beer).

Send me your comments or post them here.

Provide your customers with a map of local wine shops.

You will do VERY WELL if you have BYOB in your establishment!

-Dr. Vino

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