February 22, 2007

New Tenant at 11 Newburg Avenue

We have just signed a Lease with Theresa and Andrea Ratajczak of PDA Marketing, Inc.
They will be Renting the Entire House at 11 Newburg Ave. Theresa and Andrea are both Catonsville Residents and we are Very Pleased that They have Decided to Move Their Business to Catonsville. PDA is exactly the type of business that we were hoping to attract to this property. They are a youthful, up and coming firm, that will bring new clients to the area. Look for their staff and clients to be visiting the Stores and Restaurants in town.

PDA specializes in media placement, public relations, development and mapping of advertising plans, production of multimedia advertisements and creation of promotional tools for both general consumer and business-to-business clients.
PDA has a complete in-house graphic design department and creative team. Projects include outdoor creative, identity packages, print ads, annual reports, brochures, direct mail and product packaging.
Enjoy more success…Plan, Decide & Act! You can visit them on the web at www.pdamarketing.net


Anonymous said...

Hi we just moved into catonsville almost a year ago and we would have like to see another resturant open up on main street. We eat out a lot and liked the idea of walking downtown to get something to eat or shop like old Ellicott City. We have found that there really is no where to eat Breakfast around here, that would have some good and different food. We would also like to see some other shops come in for shopping. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Trying to fill a wish list of what type of store or restaraunt some of us want will not likely lead to anything. The Restaraunt business is hard work and a big investment. The businesses that will thrive will be the one's that we use frequently. Without a major redevelopment plan this will happen in an organic hit or miss way. If we want more upscale businesses we must get to gether and make Catonsville a more pleasant place to hang out- parks and greenspace etc.

Craig W. said...

I don't understand why you think this interaction will not lead to anything. We are getting very good feedback from this site. There are several businesses that we are talking to now. We are hoping to find out which one or which type of business would succeed at this location.

You are correct a Restaraunt is hard work and a big investment, that is another reason why I think it would be important to attract one that is already succesful.

We are also proposing to develop an outdoor gathering space on the grounds here. You are the first poster to mention wanting something like that. Without feedback like yours. I would have to wonder if it would be a waste of resources.

How would you propose that we undertake this "Major Redevelopment Plan" for Catonsville. I am all for it. In the Mean Time, I can only Do the best I can, with What I've got.

Thanks For Your Comments!

Craig Witzke

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