February 16, 2007

Tear It Down

Craig, I am pretty dumb. How does someone like me make a comment on your blog? So here goes. Grocery store- no way, no parking, and the people in Catonsville will not support it and you will be pissing against the wind. The people here say all kinds of things like this, or a movie, etc. etc. Arbutus has a movie theater and it is empty. My wife and I go there often. It is our own private showing because it is empty. The people here did not support the Store or the old Korean Grocer. The bottom line is that shoppers everywhere shop price. Wal-Mart and Sam’s are big hits. Forget it.

Next, people here would like Catonsville it to be like Georgetown; except without the alcohol, bands, bars, young kids or anything open after 10:00pm. Go to Friendly”s some night.. See what I mean.

My suggestion: knock it down and start over! Also, I know that you love this place. So do I. But this is business and think through your brain, not your heart. And remember this, no matter what you do, this community will put you through hell whatever. Go see Tom Booth and ask his advice. Also Steve Whalen. They have the experience so don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Listen to them, they will be good counsel. Do the smart thing, If you are bent on doing the right thing, take some of your profits and send it to a missionary. Richard

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Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,

I have to disagree with Richard - I would definitely support a small grocery store on Fred rd...anything to keep me off of Route 40! That's about the only thing I have to go to 40 for. I'd love to have a shop that would carry fresh fruits and veggies, a rotisserie chicken, lunch meat maybe, and a gallon of milk - the things I can never seem to keep in supply in my household. I guarantee I'll be a regular customer! Ask Tony of Family Affair Produce. The minute his doors open, I'm there! Too bad he doesn't carry more, but you could!

I'm glad that you'll be maintaining the beautiful historical character of these old buildings. It's always easier to tear down and start over, but then we'll have a "route 40" right on fred rd.

Also, I hope you keep your eye on the Plymouth Wallpaper building. I don't know who owns that building. All I know is that it could be the architectural gem of Frederick Rd., and it's falling in instead! Hope you're the first buyer in line if that beautiful building goes up for sale. I like your thinking on preservation, and that building could be the finest one on the block.

Good luck with the progress on the current properties. A Mexican restaurant would be nice too!

Catonsville-lover and neighbor
Kate Delker

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