February 22, 2007

Purpose of this Site

Reading back over some of these posts. I see a trend towards establishments that serve alcohol. I want to take this opportunity, to be clear, that I am not suggesting that Alcohol or even a Restaurant has to be part of this project. I am just attempting to gauge what type of business the community would like to try and attract. The point that I have been trying to make is that there have been several Established Restaurants that would love to come to Catonsville and open a new location, in one of these existing buildings. The reason that they have chosen not to, so far. Is that selling alcohol is and important draw for them and is important to there bottom line.

We have had interest from other types of businesses, primarily, banks, drug stores and dollar type discount stores, that would also like to locate here. Although, they would require razing the buildings on the site.

I know my preference is to keep the character of a small town. What is yours?


Anonymous said...

Keep the Buildings. Fix them up and make them look nice. And Put a Good Restrant in. LG

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Witzke,
First I would like to thank you for this opportunity for input. What a great idea it is to have this kind of site for people to post and compile their collective opinions on what is and should be happening in our town.

As far as the properties on Frederick Rd/Newburg I would vote to keep and fix up the existing storefronts as much as is possible. I would be totally against another chain/boxy type of business. I don't think we need another drug store or bank, and I really don't think a dollar store would benefit our community either.

It seems like business wise, "Catonsville's Main Street" has an identity crisis. Careful planning and leadership COULD lead us in a direction that would better reflect the population of people who actually live here. The charm of Catonsville is in jeopardy and I really hope that you don't sell out to someone who doesn't take that into consideration. To me, with a few exceptions, the businesses that reside OFF of Main street are a better reflection of the people who live here; places like the yarn shop, quilting store and the dance studio. Those TYPES of businesses should have a higher profile where the people who drive through Catonsville everyday could see them and have some reason to stop. Hey, they might even STAY in Catonsville for dinner or a cup of coffee.

We are a family of four living in Catonsville. I am in several organic food co-ops. I spend WAY too much money at Trader Joes. (So do 90% of the people I know in Catonsville) I know we could not have TJ here because of the parking issue...however, It would be REALLY NICE to have a

* small market that carried organic produce and fresh staples.

It really frosts my behind every time I have to drive up to RT 40 for eggs or juice or butter. It just seems so ridiculous.

Also, many of us moms here in Catonsville will meet for coffee. We have to go to Ellicott City. Wouldn't it be nice to have a........

*comfortable, hip, little coffee place, with ambiance. Maybe a place for Catonsville's many creative, artistic people to display their stuff. Perhaps a little something to attract the college kids who are all around us.

Just my thoughts and a few ideas. Thanks for the opportunity to share. Lori B.

Polly Riddims said...

HI Craig and everyone.
I just discovered this blog today and very glad of it. I would love to respond to many things, and hopefully will. but I wanted to input in what type of business I peraonnly would love and I'm sure would be greatly successful.

A nice cool eating place, serving good breakfast. Have a "working man's" substantial and good price breakfast and some exotic things as well. Also could sell Catonsville Bakery Pastries in it and then there would be benefit to both. could do lunch and or dinner too. I think it would be hugely popular if it was hip, healthy, family friendly. If I had the money, I would open it. anyway. thanks for doing this and I know that the Witzkes will lease to the right people because they have a vision. I can help, let me know.

laurie b.

Anonymous said...

Main street Ellicott City attracts a lot of foot traffic with nary a single big box store. I think we can do the same here in Catonsville and I applaud your efforts to do so! It can't be easy!

Besides the box store trips, my family and I most often leave Catonsville for:

Mexican food (that place on St. John's Lane),

Coffee/tea and pastry (Old Mill),

Excellent French food (Tersiguel's),

Good fresh seafood to cook at home(Today's Catch in Columbia),

Dance clothing and shoes (Columbia),

Children's activities (gymnastics in Columbia).

And Panera Bread on Rt 40 sure seems to be the new hotspot for lunch and dinner among the Moms I know -- frankly, I prefer to AVOID Route 40!

I don't care if a restaurant sells liquor, even if a good margarita does hit the spot. The BYOB option seems reasonable, though perhaps less profitable for the restaurant owners.

I also agree that a Trader Joe-esque small grocery market and cafe that carried organic produce and fresh staples would be a nice-to-have here in town.

And I love Seminole Sampler. Maybe we need a good hobby shop? Those are hard to find...

Or perhaps you could talk Miss Lisa (owner of Turning Pointe Dance Studio) into taking some of your space and then also inviting a dance supply store...

Or something like the Melting Pot - a destination restaurant because it offers something unique.

Another restaurant that was and is still very successful in my college town of Ithaca was the Moosewood (www.moosewoodrestaurant.com) - a very famous vegetarian restaurant. This kind of restaurant in conjunction with an organic foods grocer might prove to be very popular among students and residents alike.

Good luck!

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