February 17, 2007

How Can I Help?

I appreciate your many Phone Calls and Emails In Support of this Project.

The Fact is, My Family and I are Long Time Catonsville Residents and we want To Leave a Positive Impact on "Down Town" Catonsville.

Most Other Investors would Either Fill The Space As it Is, with a Store That Sells Something Like Used Appliances. Or They Would Tear Down the Existing Buildings and replace them with one Large Tenant, such as a Drug Store or a Behavioral Health Facility. While these are Allowable Options That Would Require Far Less Effort and Would Be Very Profitable, My Wife Deborah and I Believe that the Residents of Catonsville Deserve Better. We Want to Fix What Is Already There and Make It Shine! We are Up for the Challange to try Something Different. To Stretch a Little and Not Just Accept Being Told "No".

I ask Everyone that is in Support of What We are trying to Do:

Attract a Nice Restaurant, Open a Public Courtyard and add Parking.

To Please WRITE to The Catonsville Times or Our Local Politicians asking for their Support and Assistance.

Thank You,


Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,
I think it is time that we make some changes along main street Frederick Road if we are to revitalize Catonsville.
We need more businesses that will improve the our image and draw a better clientel then the street people that hang around.
We need more retail shops and more restuarants. I think a nice Bistro would work great in your location. It would not compete with the others that are allready here it would simply attract more consumers for all of the businesses in the area.
The question is will Catonsville fight this change as they did with the old school which is still over half vacant or will we add more organizations like Mosaic's which really does nothing for our revitalization efforts.
Sooner or later we have to change our image and the quality of main street which will improve the quality of life in our community.
I for one think that you have some great ideas and am willing to help you in anyway I can to see them through.


steve whalen said...

Congratulations to Craig for his continuing efforts on Frederick Road. One of the most difficult things in (re)development is to effectuate significant change where there are so many small property owners, often subsisting at barely breakeven levels... or worse. A cycle of neglect and disinvestment sets in, persists and can become pervasive. It's an uphill struggle; Craig's worked hard to make a positive difference.

I strongly support immediate efforts to revitalize the Village corridor. A small group of concerned Catonsville folks has just started kicking around some ideas to energize a new effort targeted at exactly that concept. Stay tuned!

Whalen Properties has 3 projects and about 62,000 sq ft of development there, so I've got a vested interest in seeing it succeed. I was one of the founding members of the Catonsville 2000 effort which identified problems and had some positive influence on Frederick Road, but not nearly enough. It's been 15 years since that report was issued. Things in the Village have changed since then, not always for the better. Retail has been particularly hard hit. Great place to buy a guitar, or some flowers, or a kid's bathing suit at Cy's, but not much else. Craig's efforts to bring some retail back are most welcome.

More thoughts later on liquor licenses, Frederick Road revitalization and our own proposed project's relationship to it. Thanks.

Steve Whalen

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