February 16, 2007


OK -- I think we have it set up now that anyone can respond. Just click on the comment button at the end of each post.


TF said...

Craig -- Great idea to solicit some opinions. Foremost you obviously have to make a good business decision or else this blog will be up and running again in 6 months on what to put in there next.

The ideal would be to put something in Muir's that retains some character of the place (and in turn the character of Catonsville itself) and is commercially viable. A mom & pop hardware store would be just great, but I think getting an owner looking to get into a business that has been, and would most likely be, pummeled by Lowe's and Home Depot is unlikely.

Still, it would be nice if it could happen. There's a mom & pop up and running in my hometown that has affiliated with Ace and has managed to prosper for 80 years. How about approaching Ace or Tru Value? They'd have convenience and somewhat competitive prices.

Something practical for the C-ville citizens would be great. Ellicott City is a unique, historic little town but unless I'm looking for an expensive ceramic Disney nic-nac (which has yet to happen in 40 years) I'll probably shop elsewhere. It would be nice if downtown could stay practical rather than boutique-ridden, although this is a tall order given the the economic reality of better deals often to be had at larger, nearby franchise stores.

Lastly, don't knock it down if you can.

Best of Luck - TF

Mike Mastracci said...

Craig: This Blog is agreat idea. I suggest you go to www.buildabetterblog.com as Denise and Patsy can help make the blog much more functional and useful for its purpose. They did some set up on my Blog, www.DivorceWithoutDishonor.com
That reminds me, how about a state or county funded Child Access Center. Look in The Times archives around April or May of 1997 or 1998. I have some ideas on that type of project if there is an interest. Sincerely, www.mikethelawyer.com a/k/a The Mayor of Catonsville

Anonymous said...

Health Food Store !
I am a Catonsville native and I used to frequent the "Good & Good For You" health food store that used to be next to G.L. Shacks. (formerly Maloneys).I really enjoyed being able to buy health food and beauty items there without having to go to Trader Joe's or the like. There was an ethnic health food store on the corner of Ingleside and Edmondson, but I never went there and it didn't suit the need of this community. thanks for listening.
Stefani Lauer

Anonymous said...

heyy dad i love how you have great ideas for starwberry feilds it's gonna be great for catonsville

love ,

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