February 17, 2007


In Response to everyone that has stated, "Catonsville needs another Restaurant". I agree with you, and do believe that Catonsville Could Support another Eatery. The Old Hardware Store would be an ideal location for a Restaurant. Some Really Great Ones have Contacted us about locating to this site. They are Attracted to this Location because of the Size and Character of the Building and the Fact that there is Room for Plenty of Parking.

The Challenge is Obtaining a liquor License - Which I will Explain in another post. The ability for someone to dine and have a beverage of their choice is an important draw for a Restaurant.

Some of the People that we have Talked with want to bring the following:

A Japanese, Hibachi Style Restaurant, the Kind where the food is prepared at your Table. Also, a Sushi Restaurant. Both of these Restaurants lost interest, when they found out that they would not be able to offer Saki (Rice Wine) or Kirin and other imported Beers.

Several Mexican Restaurants have expressed interest in Locating Here. This is always very exciting to me, as I am a big fan of Mexican Food. I doubt that we will see a Mexican Restaurant in Catonsville, Margaritas and Beer are important to their Clientele.

A High End, White Table Cloth, Italian Restaurant was quite disappointed when they found out, that their customers, would not be able to enjoy a bottle of wine, with their exquisite entrees. My Family, as well as many, many Families in Catonsville Love Chef Paolino's, as is evident by the need for Chef P. to move to a larger Location. The Italian Restaurant that wants to Locate in the Old Hardware Store, would be a different type of Italian Restaurant, ex. No Pizza. I don't think it would be Competition, but a Compliment to Chef P.'s

There have been Several "Wine Bars". Quaint Places that offer a Selection of Fine Wine and Light Meals that feel the Residents of Catonsville would support their business.

And, Yes, we have been contacted by an Irish Pub Style Restaurant that Offers Dining that we have not Experienced in this part of town.

All of the above Restaurants Have Existing Businesses in surrounding counties. They are all Well Established and Have Recognizable Names. And offer Dining Experiences that the People of Catonsville are already going elsewhere to Enjoy. They would draw new diners to Catonsville.

I believe that the Restaurants that already exist in Catonsville would see a boost in Their Businesses, as Customers are drawn to Frederick Rd., by a Restaurant that is already known and loved. Look at how many Successful Restaurants will only locate in Restaurant Parks! It has been our hope and desire to have an existing Restaurant either Relocate or Expand to Catonsville. Thus, bringing New Diners to explore our local, established Restaurants. If a new Restaurant were to open in Town, there would be a period of time, where they would have to establish their business by luring local Customers away from the other Restaurants.


Anonymous said...


I've given some thought as to what I would like to see on Main St
Catonsville and I've come up with a unique idea. Although you're
probably looking for an established business to come in and take over
the space, this would be a new venture entirely.
I'm envisioning a "Florida Keys" type raw bar. It would be very rustic, a bit tacky, a smaller scale Nick's of Cross Street Market. Picnic tables
would be a must. Not having a liquor license is just fine because doing it "BYOB" would just add to the charm. With the liquor store across the street you would charge $5/ table for a cooler and ice. Have smoothie machines and then people add their own rum to make fruity cocktails. I
wouldn't do steamed crabs as much as I would have stone crab claws,
clams, oysters, fish (maybe sushi), burgers, etc.

This is just a thought I had.

The Blog is a good idea!


Anonymous said...

Mr. Witzke -
I like this idea alot. A family oriented place that serves fresh seafood and sushi would do great in Catonsville. I know my friends and I would like a BYOB place too.
Sara G.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your concern Craig.

I like the ideas in your letter! Catonsville is desperately in need of some restruants. Friendlys-too kids oriented. Applebees-OK but redundant. Need more! Can Fred Rd handle this need, instead of local Rt40? Are you dedicated to upgrading Fred Rd only? We could use a japenese-or sushi house as well as a TGIF or Bennigans. Olive Garden or Carabbas also. Basically more variaty than the Friendlys and Applebys supply. I always have to go to Ellicott City/Columbia/Laurel for various dining enjoyment. It would be great to have these in our neighboorhood. Thanks for the chance to let residents add some ideas.

How about a Golds gym in Catonsville? :-) Id be in on that!


Anonymous said...

Craig -I could not express my feelings in under 300 characters.

As you know I have personally talked to the owner of a well established Mexican Pub/Restaurant who expressed much interest in adding another location. He definately liked the area of Catonsville. He feels that he could be very successful there, but he cannot & will not come there without a liquor license. I do not think another eating establishment would hurt the other eating establishments, like Ship's Cafe or Mathews 1600. I think it would add to the area. Look at all of the places on Main Street Ellicott City. They have been around forever & are crowded even during the week. Old Catonsville needs to head into the future & can be more like Main street or left idle can fade away! Good Luck!!


Anonymous said...

There was another car accident last night that appeared to involve the valet parking at Ships. I have been stuck behind two this month alone.
Where do they park the cars? How did they get to open a restaurant without parking?

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