February 27, 2007

Strawberry Fields Part II

This is a copy of the Proposed Site Plan for Strawberry Fields. This Plan was prepared Through the Architect on Call Program, Provided by Baltimore County.

I believe that this Plan Serves the Community's Desire to:
  • Save the Buildings
  • Preserve the "Small Town Feel"
  • Provide More Restaurant Choices
  • Provide Better Parking

The Plan Reflects the Desire to Use The Existing Buildings. The Only Additional Structure Proposed is a Gazebo or "Band Stand". We Are Also Proposing to Close Off the Area, in The Center of This Rendering, to Vehicular Traffic and Make it a Pedestrian Area. A Courtyard with Outdoor Seating, for Patrons of the Eateries and Neighbors Out for a Stroll. Since this is "Music City", It Only Seems Appropriate to Have an Outdoor Area on Frederick Rd. ,Where the Light Sounds of Local Artists Can be Enjoyed! Imagine a Barber Shop Quartet or a Couple of Folk Singers Breathing Some Life into the Early Evening Hours. And an Occasional Story Teller with a Small Crowd of Little Enchanted Children on a Saturday Morning.

The Plan Also Provides for Approximately 80 Paved Parking Spaces. In an Area that was Formerly Used for the Storage of Tractor Trailers. The Parking would be Readily Accessed Through the Existing Driveways, Without the Need to Raze any Buildings. The Two Houses Currently used as Offices, on Newburg Ave. Provide a Palatable Transition to the Surrounding Neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Craig - what can the general public do to help you further this project?

A.J. said...

This is exactly what I would want in our community. A place that I can walk to with my family or just my spouse to enjoy our down-time. I would still love to see an Irish Pub like Galway Bay in Annapolis.

Craig W. said...

You asked "How can the general Public Help"?

Please write letters of support for this project to the Catonsville Times and our local politicians. Encourage your friends to do the same.

a.j. - You are the second person to mention Galway bay to me today. I would love an Irish Pub, but, there is that issue with the Licensed Beverages.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Witzke-
Have you contacted Delegate Jimmy Malone? This is exactly the kind of high profile project that he like's to be involved in. He may be able to help with a liquor lisence.

Steve Deboy would probably support it too.

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