February 15, 2007

Grocery Stores

Another very common request has been that I contact a specialty Grocery Store - such as Trader Joes, Eddies, Wegmans, Whole Foods etc. Several Attempts to Contact these businesses and others have been made. Again, these Companies would prefer to locate to Rt 40 - more specifically Rt 40 in Howard County or other Location's in Columbia.
It has been our desire to use the buildings as they exist on the property. The Hardware Store is aprox. 5,000 sf. Each of the above Companies require stores of 18,000 sf and larger. Even if we were to demolish all of the Structures, there would not be enough room to build a new store and provide sufficient parking. We want to do our part to help improve the quality of life for residents of Catonsville, not create more parking problems.

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