February 18, 2007

The Future of Catonsville - More Like Ellicott City or More Like Irvington?

It has often been said that, you have to move forward or you will get left behind. You cannot stand still, nothing stays the same.

Traffic is increasing in Catonsville, we cannot stop it. We must embrace it. Manage it. Take advantage of it. We must give the occupants of these vehicles a reason to stop and spend some money with the merchants here. Currently over 25,000 cars per day drive down Frederick Rd., through the heart of Catonsville. What do the drivers and passengers see? To the person traveling this Road, is it a place that they would want to stop?

Every day many, if not most, of the residents of Catonsville get into their cars and leave. They leave to work, shop, eat and play in Places like Ellicott City and Columbia.

As Catonsville continues to grow and evolve, so do the other communities around us. For good or for bad. The obvious path for businesses that want to expand and for consumers looking for more choices, is to follow the main road. We are a natural magnet to attract from Ellicott City or Irvington.

As businesses in Catonsville close up and leave (Most recently the Catonsville Tuxedo Company) Landlords and Property owners, have to make a choice. That choice is - who are they going to sell or lease their property to? Individually, this is the property owners right. They are and should be entitled to solicit the highest price that they can for their location. Collectively, this is the future of Catonsville. The choices made today, by the property owners on Frederick Road, will affect values of residential property in the surrounding neighborhoods tomorrow.

There are no shortages of quality businesses that want to move or relocate to Catonsville. We have many reasons to draw them here. Our demographics are good. We are in an ideal location, close to the beltway, UMBC, CCBC, St. Agnes Hospital, Charlestown Retirement Community and the Airport.

We can either cater to the people associated with these institutions or chase them away.

What is life going to be like in Catonsville in 20, 10 or even 5 years? Will we be a town full of life? Or will we be a town where the owners of the Bailbond Shops, Tatoo Parlors, Used Appliance Stores and Check Cashing businesses all close the steel gates on their store windows and go home at 5pm?


Anonymous said...

How about a little independent Coffee Shop, A Beauty Shop and Spa, a Place that Sells Flags or a Mexican Restaurant? Maybe you can get a Few Businesses from Elllicot City to Move Here. N.M.

Anonymous said...

I travel on Frederick Road Monday -Friday to and from work, but I have never stopped other than to get gas. Reading the blog made me start to question why, and i think i've discovered the reason--- PARKING. Other than street parking there are very few places to park that aren't on the street. Also, eventhough Catonsville is "Music City" unless im buying an instrument or a cd there really isnt anyway to enjoy music. I think it would be great to add a coffee shop or bar with live music. I also like the idea of the mexican restraunt. A sit down place would be great. I think a fast food chain with a drive-thru would only encourage people to hit and run. I think the addition of an art gallery or jewelry shop would also be nice or even a organic market. I can't wait to see what happens! -Emilee Garber

April said...

Anonymous non-parker -- I agree, there's not much outside to entice anyone to stay.... something like what they did near the Senator with the Daedalus Books and the whole "square" for events would be great!

Anonymous said...

Any idea if the commercial property that used to be Pinocchio's restaurant is for sale? My husband is a chef and we just located to Catonsville and toy with the idea of owning a breakfast rest. or small bar/rest. on Frederick Road.

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