February 20, 2007

Mexican Food

I too, am a big fan of Mexican Food. In the last year I have visited many of the "chain's", looking for a Mexican Restaurant that might want to open here and not have to depend on Margarita and Dos X's beer sales. What I have found is that they all seem to be the same and are not very authentic. I did like the Chipolte Grill, but, they really need a high volume location (drive through). The county has asked that I not put a fast food location on this site, I agree with them on this one! Please Let me know if you know of any good Mexican Restaurants that don't serve Alcohol. Would you frequent a Mexican Restaurant without alcohol or would you keep going to the ones that you go to now?


Anonymous said...

This is awesome!!!

My wife and I used to patronize a Mexican restaurant known as Holy
Frijoles in Hampden before it got a liquor license, which was never a problem for us since my Corona drinks a lot cheaper than restaurant prices.
Holy Frijoles used to be really small and almost impossible to get a table before it expanded and finally got a liquor license. I understand that it's still very popular and perhaps more profitable with the liquor
license. J. L.

Anonymous said...

Possibly Qdoba. They are kind of like the "Subway" of Mexican food. (But very fresh and absolutely delicious) www.qdoba.com

Check it out!

Anonymous said...

Craig -- This is a great blog. I sent an earlier post mentioning an Ace Hardware store or a similar small chain. They would have withstand the competition of Home Depot & Lowe's but it's a great convenient location for C-ville residents rather than heading to 40.

Best of Luck. - Tom F

April said...

I love La Palappa Grill's food (especially the mole'!), and I tend to never order alcohol in restaurants (unless it's a brew pub or some other specialist which I can't replicate myself.)

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