February 16, 2007

A Few Ideas

Hello Craig,

I have lived in Catonsville for 9 years and love it. I have a few ideas to throw out for your consideration.

I know that Muir Hardware did not make a profit at this location but Catonsville does need a "mom and pop" hardware store. Currently I drive into downtown Baltimore to a mom and pop hardware store.

Another idea is an independent bookstore.

A 3rd idea is a British/Irish style pub (with no smoking) that families with children would feel comfortable frequenting.

Lastly, a small family diner might work there, specifically a "coney island" style diner or an "Olga's Kitchen" restaurant.

Thank you for your commitment to Catonsville and your vision.


Amy B.


Charlotte said...

I'm glad to see that you are being so thoughtful about this project. Since you are, I thought I'd let you know what is on my mind...

I would love to see a casual, high quality food establishment that is clean, crisp and fresh. One that comes immediatly to mind is First Watch Day Cafe. First Watch is a chain, but there is only one in Maryland thus far - a new restaurant in Pikesville. It is a strange name, but it is wildly popular and delicious! Their website is www.FirstWatch.com. I believe it would be a huge hit in our neighborhood of Catonsville too!

Thank you for allowing your community to comment on the use of this property. I look forward to the results.

Anonymous said...

Hi Craig,
Would anyone entertain the idea of a CatonSpa, no hair or nails, but offer the community a place to relax with some reflexology, a relaxing massage and/or revitalize their skin with a facial? Perhaps a greentea room or tranquility ,spot could accent something like this. I think it would be great for students and anyone seeking a calm enviroment.
Now, as far as food and restaurants go, how about a Baja Fresh? Thanks for your inspiration on a new Catonsville feel!!! Good Luck!!!

Beth said...

Hmmm isn't there a ma and pop hardware store in Paradise? I've not been there too recently but about a year ago I was there and purchased some plants and they're great for replacement glass among other things...and Isn't there a spa right on frederick road? I jog past it often, it's between fairfield and stanley i believe...
...to comment on something else, Richard's letter, he's right about the fighting of new properties in catonsville, I applaud your efforts, and I hope it works out in your favor...I don't attend these meetings where the community tries to keep "big business" out of the area just because I feel like maybe we're holding ourselves back from something terrific (change)=O I said it outloud even. Maybe I should comment as annonymous too??
I wish we had shopping areas that were fresh and clean like rockville, but I know that will never happen...not here...the more I read the more I'm doubting that Catonsville will get a Mexican resteraunt, but I'll keep praying...what can I do to help??

Jessica said...

Quite honestly, I'd love to see a gym open up. The only gym in catonsville is Bally's on Rt 40 which is horrible (and crowded) and the Y - which, well is a glorified dump that costs a fortune and has the same machines from the 1980's. Sorry, Y - but I belonged for a few years until I decided that it wasn't worth the money and that I'd rather drive FIFTEEN - TWENTY min away to go to a decent gym... *I'd* join a gym if it opened, but that's just me.

Even a Pei Wei or a Qdoba would be awesome. There's no where decent to eat in Catonsville. If you build a park with benches or whatever, I can almost guarantee it will be a bust and a haven for teenagers at night - something to consider.

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