February 15, 2007


Literally, almost every day since we aquired the property someone has contacted me and asked that I open a Starbuck's Coffee Shop. I have written letters, made phone calls and sent emails trying to reach someone from Starbucks to come and look at this site. Recently, I was contacted by a Broker that finds locations for Starbucks. I was told that while they would like to open a store in Catonsville, they do not feel that the residents of Catonsville alone could support a Starbucks. They feel that they need to be on Baltimore National Pike (Rt 40)

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April said...

An indie coffee store would probably be more useful anyhow -- no need to import burnt coffee to the street. Something like the College Perk that's a little chaotic, has events going on and eclectic seating, would be more appreciated, I'd think. (Well, I'd appreciate it, anyway.)

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